Hollington Drive: ITV releases gripping teaser for new thriller

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ITV drama Hollington Drive has been slammed by its viewers after many took to social media to stress their annoyance of the “slow” storyline. The four-part drama follows the lives of two sisters Theresa (played by Anna Maxwell Martin) and Helen (Rachael Stirling), who are caught up in the disappearance of a neighbour’s son. Wednesday night saw episode three air, but fans were left less than impressed with many threatening to switch off.

Taking to Twitter, Tavern Hoyden wrote: “#HollingtonDrive This is veering into comedy.”

Kim Eagle also commented: “Three episodes in, and I still don’t care what happens to any of these characters. Why are they so unlikeable #HollingtonDrive.”

“#HollingtonDrive I’ve stuck with this from the beginning, but really is hard work, I’m waiting it now with the TV remote in my hand…” Tony Green added.

“Nearly turned it off twice already, the acting is so bad,” Allison Scott echoed.

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Miss H quipped: “Third episode of #HollingtonDrive, I feel like I’m only watching this now to find out who did it, what a weird programme.”

The sisters, played by Anna Maxwell Martin and Rachael Stirling, must cope with the truth of what happened when they suspect their own children may have been involved in a murder.

Writer Sophie Petzal took inspiration from real family dynamics when writing the show, she told ITV: “I’m obsessed with family dynamics.

“I should say that me and my sister have a very different relationship to Helen and Theresa, but of course, you take things from your own experiences all the time.

“I came up with an idea about two sisters who live very co-dependent lives, who live very close to one another, who are in one another’s pockets.

“And then they discover their two children may have been involved in something terrible, and they decide to keep it a secret which leads to an ever-spiralling conspiracy of stress and secrets and lies.”

Anna Maxwell Martin, who plays Theresa, explained to Express and other media prior to the show’s premiere: “I’m not easily impressed by a lot of telly, and I very much loved Sophie’s style like there was a real heightened reality.

“I like how it had been cast, there was a real oddity to it. It was truthful but truthful behaviour is not necessarily being likeable.

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“Or nice or able to communicate as your best self, those are quite rare qualities, and Sophie reflects that so well.”

She also went on to admit that she hadn’t read the script before taking the job and just agreed to the show because of writer Sophie’s reputation. 

“I didn’t actually read it, I just said yes. If it’s like that [Blood], I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

After finally reading the script, she said: “Oh, it’s a real page-turner, it really is. It’s not really about a child going missing.

“It’s about how it sort of cleaves open all these people and the horrors within them and what they are dealing with.

“And how things can seemingly look okay on the outside but can be really toxic underneath.

“I found that really funny and really real…It was just a lovely project to be a part of.”

The finale of Hollington Drive airs next Wednesday (October 20) on ITV, where the truth of what happens to the children will come to light. 

Hollington Drive returns Wednesday at 9pm on ITV. 
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