The McQueens, the Cunninghams – all are famous Hollyoaks families, and the new winter trailer has revealed that another new family are set to make a name for themselves in the village.

Producers have revealed that the Chen-Williams family are joining Hollyoaks, with some of the characters already appearing in the new dramatic Winter trailer for the soap.

The family include mum Honour, dad Dave and children Sam, Serena, Lizzie and Mason.

Honour, played by Vera Chok, can be seen in the trailer talking to prisoner Warren Fox and it has been revealed in recent episodes that Vera is his prison psychiatrist.

Husband Dave, played by Dominic Power, has also been seen in recent episodes embroiled in a dispute with the McQueen family, so it seems more drama might be on the way between the new village neighbours and one of its most famous families.

Their children are set to become involved with other members of the village too, as both daughters Serena and Lizzie, played by Emma Lau and Lily Best respectively, have fallen head over heels for Sid Summer.

However, Lizzie is unaware that Serena already knows Sid, having already had a romantic fling with him during the summer.

Will their romantic interest cause friction between the sisters? Viewers will have to wait and see.

Eldest son Sam, played by Matthew McGivern, is also going to become a well-known face in Hollyoaks too, as he joins the village Police Department, and youngest son Mason, played by Frank Kauer, has to contend with fitting in with the other high school teenagers this Winter.

In the extended family, Dave's brother is also the villainous Ethan, who fans were introduced to in November after he kidnapped Darren and kept him hostage, and it seems Ethan's regular appearance in the village will hold dark things in store for the residents.

In dramatic scenes set to unfold, the Winter trailer shows Darren pleading with Ethan, saying "Why don't you just let me go?"

Talking to Digital Spy, actor Matthew James-Bailey who plays Ethan said that his presence in the village will not be good news for Darren, saying: "I won't give too much away, but Ethan is here to shake things up and bring a new, albeit 'manic', energy to the village – unfortunately so for Darren."

Viewers also met Ethan's girlfriend Maya, played by Ky Discala, who has described the character as "ruthless" and that the 'village will be on their toes' as a result of her actions this Winter.

She can be seen in the trailer saying to a character off-screen, "If that man stays alive, I'm finished," before Darren is shown being held captive once more.

As the camera hovers over Darren, she can be heard on the phone saying: "Find somewhere close by and secluded… and do it."

The next scenes show Darren being held hostage by Ethan, saying "I know you can't do this", with Ethan replying menacingly: "That's what she said."

As always with Hollyoaks, the arrival of a new characters brings its own drama to the village and it seems that things are taking a darker turn with new residents Ethan and Maya this season, and that more plots will begin to unfold with the arrival of the Chen-Williams family.

Just how will their arrival affect the other residents? Only time will tell.

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