HOLLYOAKS' Richard Blackwood has said that he will NEVER return to EastEnders after Vincent's kidnapping.

The 47-year-old star will make his debut in the Channel 4 show later this evening [March 27] as evil Felix.

However, he first made his mark in soapland back in 2015 when he landed the role of Kim Fox's husband Vincent in Hollyoaks' BBC rival.

Fans were left devastated in 2018 when Vincent was kidnapped at gunpoint by Aidan Maguire's henchmen, but as his body was never shown on screen they have held onto hope that he could return one day.

But Richard has now revealed that he has closed the door on that particular character, explaining: "I would say I've come to a close with EastEnders.

"Don't get me wrong, I had a great time there and they genuinely looked out for me.

"I'm very loyal – if I had offers while I was there I would say no as EastEnders was my priority. I had a great time and they decided they would stop the character when they did."

He continued to Radio Times: "In fairness, I was also at a place where I wasn't sure how much more we could get out of Vincent; I always believe you should leave a situation before people need you to.

"The way it was starting to go for me, I knew it was going down a road where I didn't know how much more we could get.

"So I thought, maybe it's for the best as well."

It was previously revealed that Richard's Hollyoaks' character is dad to Martine's triplets Mitchell, Toby, and Celeste.

Recent episodes have given fans an insight into how evil Felix is as it was revealed that he forced Martine to give up two of the triplets for adoption.

Toby and Celeste were taken in by an evil doctor who conducted a sick experiment on them.

She locked Toby up, denying him all emotional support and connection while his sister was raised in the perfect family.

Martine will be left unable to sleep by Felix's appearance in the village, with actress Kelle Bryan admitting that he has a huge hold on her character.

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