HOW To Get Away With Murder fans have been treated to a deleted scene from the series six finale.

And it features a dead character making an epic return.

Writer and creator Peter Nowalk posted a formerly unseen clip featuring the previously deceased Asher, played by Matt McGorry on Twitter.

He wrote: "Deleted scene alert: We only had 43 minutes for our final, so here's @MattMcGorry in his final #HTGAWM scene.

"Thank you Matt for bringing heart, laughter, & one-of-a-kind dance moves to all of us."

In the scene fans of the show watch as Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) wakes up with a start in his bedroom and hearing a noise from the kitchen goes to investigate.

Surprisingly he finds Asher, who was killed earlier on in season six, looking for something in the cupboards.

Shocked Connor asks if they faked his death, to which Asher responds: "Crazy, I know."

Asher finally ends his search when he places his hands on a heavy trophy, and Connor asks why he needs it.

Asher replies: "So I can kill you" before running at his with the object, at which point Connor wakes up from his apparent nightmare.

Fans responded to Pete's tweet with a host of comments, including: "43 minutes, do you want us to die not knowing everything ???"

While another wrote: "Pete, you should be ashamed of yourself. We deserve more than what you’re giving us. Not fair."

One suggested: "Should have done a 2 hr finale. There are so many loose ends to tie up".

The series finale airs Thursday May 14 on ABC.

Matt recently opened up about filming his final scenes as Asher.

He said: "The scene itself is really emotional.

"That definitely bled over into real life and to having to say some goodbyes to some of the amazing crew that's been around and worked so hard on the show for so long."

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