IMDb just made choosing your next movie or tv series easier. IMDb introduces What to Watch, a free app available exclusively to Fire TV customers in the U.S. Find out how IMDb’s new app can do away with endless scrolling when it comes to finding what to watch. 

IMDb’s What to Watch interactive app helps you decide what to watch 

According to the press release, IMDb’s What to Watch app offers a series of fun, interactive mini-games to help Fire TV subscribers discover and decide what to watch. “Hundreds of millions of customers rely on IMDb when deciding what and where to watch,” said Nikki Santoro, IMDb’s chief operating officer.

“The new IMDb What to Watch app for Fire TV makes it easy, fun, and fast for customers to discover trending titles and hidden gems, find the perfect movie or TV series to fit any mood, and get the most out of their streaming services on Fire TV.”

Put the days of scrolling through an endless list of movies and television are behind you. With IMDb’s app, “players get movie and TV series recommendations across multiple streaming services.” These options are tailor-fit to the user’s “current moods and interests.”

The release continues: “This personalized experience lets fans spend less time searching for titles and debating what to stream.” This gives you more time to enjoy!

Since this app comes from IMDb, you’ll also get a comprehensive look at what you’re watching. The app provides viewers pertinent information about the movie or series they’re viewing, including genre, trailer, and plot summary.

What to Watch app games are available now though Fire TV Alexa voice remote 

If you’re already an Amazon Fire TV subscriber, you’re one step ahead of the game! On the Fire home screen, search for IMDb What to Watch in the “Find” tab. Select the app to install it, then open What to Watch to experience games based on proprietary and authoritative IMDb data.

The apps current game offerings include: 

  • Quick Draw: For players who enjoy the element of chance, virtual “playing cards” shuffle through movie and series options. You’ll get a trio of picks to choose from. Don’t like what you see? Players can click “deal cards” for a fresh set of picks.
  • Watch Challenge: Players can watch, rate, and collect digital stamps as they view curated IMDb lists of titles. This includes the IMDb Top 250 movies list, award-winning titles, and popular franchises. Themed lists will be updated frequently.
  • This or That: Players will answer a series of simple “This or That?” questions to find the perfect movie or TV series to suit their mood. Whether it’s an epic romance, G-rated family title, supernatural horror film, or slapstick comedy, IMDb will help them find it. Players can refresh choices, including desired viewing time, before their picks are revealed. 

IMDb tells us there are more to come on the What to Watch app. New games like Build-a-Cast and Time Machine will eventually be added. 

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