Big Brother star Matty's boyfriend Connor has broken his silence on the the Matty/Jordan/Henry love triangle, as he made a video appearance on the Big Brother Late & Live.

Tuesday's Big Brother saw half of the housemates receive visits from their friends and families, while others weren't quite so lucky.

One of those who did not receive a visit was Matty, who was left in floods of tears when Trish and Chanelle chose to let Yinrun's boyfriend visit instead, arguing that he was physically there while Matty's boyfriend was on a video call.

And while Matty did not receive a message form his boyfriend, viewers were shown what he would have said during Tuesday's Late & Live.

In the video, Connor said: "Hello my love, hope you're doing well. I know the past week or so has been pretty tough with everything going on."

Connor then took a savage swipe at Jordan as he warned Matty to keep his distance from him.

He added: "I just want you to know that you've done nothing wrong, you don't need to second guess yourself. Just because other people can't handle their emotions the same way as maturely – it doesn't mean that the responsibility is on you.

"So stick to being around people who allow you to be you – Trish, Yinrun, Henry, Chanelle. And your mum says to get a haircut."

Host AJ Odudu was quick to notice the absence of Jordan's name from the list, as she asked at the audience: "So Matty's boyfriend said he could be himself in front of Trish, Yinrun, Henry and Chanelle. Anyone missing from Matty's boyfriend's list?"

Since entering the house, Matty, who is in an open relationship with Connor, has been involved in something of a love triangle with Jordan and Henry.

Just days into the beginning of the series, Jordan and Henry began referring to one another as their "husband", however, Jordan then appeared to have some serious chemistry with Matty, with the pair regularly spotted having deep conversations together.

Jordan and Matty then appeared to go rather hot-and-cold on each other, before seemingly bringing their firtationship to an end, as they decided that the “hot and coldness” between them was adding to the confusion, with Matty hinting that he couldn’t handle the uncertainty any longer.

Jordan then responded by admitting he too was struggling but confessed that he'd rather "live with some delusion", to which Matty challenged, "Don't you think the delusion is hurting both of us?”

"No, because I know the answer," Jordan disagreed. "If I look deeply enough I know the answer, I don't need to hear it said I allowed. I know what the problem is and the only solution is detachment and that's cool. I don't need to hear it rubbed in my face."

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