Emmerdale residents grow concerned for Choe Harris’ health next week as she collapses in some shocking scenes.

However, as she is rushed out of her home and to hospital, she is unaware that her partner, Mackenzie Boyd, is hiding an even bigger secret.

Viewers will recall that just weeks ago, Chloe managed to survive a huge car crash against all odds, but she did remain in a coma for several days.

When she woke up from the coma, she made out to Mack that she couldn’t remember anything from the crash, but she later revealed that she was lying.

Fans of the show will remember that Mack left Chloe to die and chose to save his ex, Charity Dingle, instead.

Despite that, Chloe has decided to leave that in the past and continue with her relationship with Mack.

However, next week, Mack and Charity are finding the forced space between one another hard to deal with. And when Charity comes up with a plan to flee the village and head to Scotland to spend some time with her daughter Debbie Dingle, Mack takes drastic action and lies down in front of her car to stop her moving.

The pair later confess their love for each other before Mack suggests that they get back together and tell Chloe the truth.

Just a day later, Charity delights Mack when she agrees. However, when Mack tries to end things with Chloe, she collapses on the floor, and he leaves in the back of an ambulance with her.

Charity watches on in disbelief and has no idea whether or not Mack managed to end things with Chloe before she collapsed.

Will Mack end things with Chloe for good?

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