Good Morning Britain returned to ITV this morning with Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard presenting the show. 

Joining them on a live video link was Anna Soubry, an MP for Change UK who discussed MP Boris Johnson’s win in the Conservative Party leadership race and criticised his claims of a potential renegotiation regarding the No Deal for Brexit. 

But those watching at home were unhappy with her guest appearance and wondered why she had been given airtime by the broadcaster. 

Taking to Twitter to comment, one viewer said: “I just can’t understand why the British media is giving this woman so much airtime? Get her off our screens!” 

“Here she is again, why is she being given airtime? She’s in a seat she wasn’t voted in, until she holds a by election her word means nothing!” someone else added. 

A third wrote online: “Anna Soubry? Really GMB, scraping the bottom of the barrel why have you still got her spouting her lies on the telly, she’s insignificant nobody needs to hear what she thinks any more. Poor.” 

“Why are you giving [her] airtime?” another added while someone else remarked: “GMB why are you giving this traitor to democracy the air time? I haven’t got a problem with a Remainer by Romoaners are awful.” 

It comes after Garraway questioned whether or not Boris’ character and preferred working style will enable the European Union to consider a renegotiation. 

She asked: “Maybe a bit of bravado, leaving No Deal on the table, saying it can be done, restoring confidence and silencing voices like you is what’s needed?” 

“Silencing voices in a democracy is not a great idea may I say,” Soubry replied. 

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“Look, he isn’t going to get some new marvellous deal, because the European Union have made it very clear that they aren’t going to reopen the negotiations, the withdrawal agreement which Ms [Theresa] May negotiated which Boris remember was part of her government and voted for it and the Irish backstop. 

“But in any event they have made it very clear, that that agreement is the only deal in town,” the MP continued. 

“There is nobody to negotiate with anyway because the Commission won’t be up and running until November, so he’s not going to renegotiate. So I’m afraid I think that’s just a blatant fib!” 

Earlier on in the interview, Soubry discussed her former political party and said: “The Conservative party is now the party of Brexit. 

“It’s just the question of what form of Brexit is delivered. I don’t know how he [Johnson] is going to do it.” 

Why is she being given airtime?

GMB viewer.

Today, Johnson will head to Downing Street and replace May officially as Prime Minister. 

The new Conservative leader will take office following an audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. 

After entering Downing Street, he is expected to announce his appointments for his senior cabinet, including Chancellor of the Exchequer and Home Secretary. 

According to a BBC report, unnamed sources close to Mr Johnson say his top team will reflect “modern Britain”. 

It comes after Johnson went head to head with Jeremy Hunt for the leadership role. 

The result of the contest was announced just after midday yesterday with Dame Cheryl Gillan MP revealing Johnson had won with a landslide vote.

Hunt gained 46,656 votes while Johnson obtained a staggering 92,153 votes to be the next Prime Minister.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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