ITV GMB: Kate Garraway forced to apologise for cutting off Sharon Tate’s sister Debra

Iconic movie actress Sharon was murdered by three members of the “Manson family”, a cult led by infamous serial killer Charles Manson in August 1969.

50 years later, Sharon and four friends and guests’ murders that night are being depicted in the highly-anticipated new Quentin Tarantino film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Today Good Morning Britain presenters Adil Ray and Kate Garraway interviewed Sharon’s sister Debra via video link from America, but due to some problems in time delay, the latter host had to apologise for cutting off the guest on the ITV show. 

Asked how she reflected on her trauma at the horror that took place when her sister was killed in 1969, Debra shut down any suggestion the media coverage and film appearances have been cathartic.

“No to the contrary it’s been quite miserable,” Debra said. “Whether it be in motion pictures or in books, most of the creators are trying to rewrite history even making it more salacious if that’s even possible.

“Quentin Tarantino was the first person to speak to any of the family members about Sharon before going ahead [with his film].

“He did his due diligence and for that reason I commend him,” the American guest said.

Queried if she’d had the opportunity to visit the film set and witness actress Margot Robbie portraying her sister, Debra revealed the experience was very poignant.

“Actually Margot did an outstanding job,” the guest continued. “At one point when I was on set, I had her in my ear on a mic.

“She was in my ear and I actually shed a tear because she sounded just like Sharon.

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I do apologise

Kate Garraway

“So it was also the opportunity to visit and see Sharon [in a way], not just the Sharon on the film screen.”

Kate asked the guest if she’d given Margot some of Sharon’s possessions to help her get into character, but there was a delay in the sound.

“I did want to help Margot achieve a closeness with Sharon by having some of her things,” Debra nodded, but as she kept talking Kate began asking the next question.

Realising she was interrupting the guest, Kate corrected herself.

“Sorry Debra,” she apologised. “I thought you’d finished.

“I do apologise, please carry on.”

“It’s purely speculation,” Debra repeated. “That it would help [Margot].”

Adil went on: “You’ve spent your life campaigning to get those people [murderers Tex Watson, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel] behind bars.

“But it probably doesn’t feel like such a long time to you does it?”

“Not at all,” Debra said sadly. “I remember it like it was yesterday unfortunately, salacious horror never leaves you. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Asked if a person could ever recover from trauma like that, Debra shared: “It’s been very difficult to cope with it, as I said the horror never leaves you the details of the brutality never ever leave you. What does happen, is you learn to deal with it and you cope with it a little bit better.

“It’s just as disgusting and – barbaric – is the word that comes to mind – today, as it was in 1969,” the guest added.

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