As the second week of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here drew to a close, tensions appeared to be running high in camp, as This Morning star Josie Gibson found herself caught up in an escalating “feud” with fellow campmate Fred Sirieix.

Things initially got off to a rocky start in Saturday’s visit to camp, when First Dates star Fred questioned Josie about how she would be cooking the morning’s breakfast after having taken over as camp chef.

Clearly struggling with the development, the professionally trained chef was constantly hovering over Josie and sous chef Tony Bellew, as he quizzed and scrutinised every single decision Josie made, as he felt she was making the wrong choices.

Despite initially humouring him and trying to ignore the constant interference, in the end a frustrated Josie took to the Bush telegraph to vent her frustration at Fred’s inability to accept he was no longer in charge of preparing the camp’s rations.

Speaking to the camera, Josie said: “Me and Tony are the chefs. He’s a pot wash now. He’s got to give the reins over to me. It’s only me and Tony can fit on that horse. No Fred.”

Meanwhile, sous chef Tony added: “Fred’s going to do what Fred’s going to do. He’s a chef and he’s hovering over us while we’re cooking. I know it’s slightly annoying Josie and I’m telling you, it’ll get a reaction soon enough. Just sit back and enjoy your popcorn and wait.”

Things later came to a head when Fred once again waded in by criticising Josie’s handiwork as he dubbed her choice of preparation a “disaster” prompting the presenter to seek out the new camp leader Nella Rose to complain about Fred’s persistently infuriating behaviour.

Speaking to Nella, Josie complained that Fred was “really getting involved all the time,” something she was slowly losing her patience with.

In response, Nella who had previously argued with Fred during the early days in camp, seemed to agree, as she told Josie: “My whole thing is, we came to the jungle to have fun and do new experiences and everybody should be able to try new things. If you want to, cook.”

Crucially however, following Tony Bellew’s success in Saturday’s ruthless Bushtucker trial, Eaten Alive, the camp were awarded a meal of eel, something neither Josie nor Tony knew how to cook.

This lead to the duo being reliant upon guidance from Fred to offer his expertise on how to prepare the animal before it could be cooked and eaten – something which meant the camp could have gone hungry without the intervention of the chef they seemingly didn’t want to listen to.

However, following the meal, Fred was quick to share his thoughts about how poorly he thought Josie had done, with his fellow campmates, much to the discomfort of Danielle Harold who later told the Bush Telegraph she thought Fred was wrong, despite having failed to correct him in camp.

Viewers were quick to notice the tension, with one writing: "I’m sorry Fred is acting like such a psycho for rice, leave Josie alone! Someone had to replace Fred that’s part of the whole camp leader thing no one can have the same roles!"

Another said: "Fred's attitude to Josie is rubbing me the wrong way #ImACeleb."

A third added: "Fred can't handle the fact that josie cooked the rice better."

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