Jason Manford reveals bloody injury as he cuts finger 'to the bone' in horrific dishwasher accident

JASON Manford revealed his bloody injury as he cut his finger "to the bone" in a horrific dishwasher

The comedian, 39, took to social media to show off his bloody wound after cutting it open while unloading the dishwasher.

The picture shows Jason looking sorry for himself as he holds up the bloody rag to his head.

In the background you can see the star's kitchen, including the counter, seats and table.

He captioned the pic: "Stupidly rushing with the dishwasher tonight so I could grab quick game of Fifa before city match.

"Ended up stabbing my finger with the sharpest knife, right to the bone! Blood everywhere! Like the Red Wedding in our sink. Worst thing is it’s my ‘Finesse shot’ finger too #SodsLaw 😥"

Fans supported him in the comments, with one person saying: "😬😬😬😬😮 I think you should get that seen to!!!"

Another added: "Hope it doesn't need stitching!?"

A third remarked: "Omg!!!! Hope it gets better soon! 🤢 Big bandage needed!"

The comedian seems to be accident prone recently – as he revealed his eight-year-old son was bitten on the chest by a horse "with made eyes" earlier this month.

Jason opened up about the ordeal on his Absolute radio show – calling the whole thing "a mad 60 seconds".

The funnyman told listeners: "The horses always come over when we stop – they always say hello.

"There was a new horse and he had mad eyes! I should have spotted that, looking back.

"It was a mad 60 seconds. I had my little boy, the two-year-old, on the seat of my bike, this horse out of nowhere lurches forward and bites my other son on the chest."

The father-of-six's youngest toppled from the bike amid the panic, but thankfully both children were fine – although the oldest was initially shaken and has a bruise on his chest.

Jason continued: "He's fine, when we got home he was sending picture to his mates.

"I asked him: 'Why the long face?' later but he didn't get it, which is a shame."

The star is fiercely private about his family life and rarely speaks about his children.

He shares his four oldest with ex-wife Catherine; 11-year-old twin girls, a 10-year-old daughter, and their eight-year-old son.

Jason married Lucy Dyke in 2017 and the pair share a five-year-old daughter and his two-year-old son.

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