Jennifer Lawrence already has an Oscar, but how about an Emmy for most hilarious cameo?

The actress, 28, popped up on Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in a surprise appearance, likely an exciting moment for the star, who has long been open about being a massive Kardashian fan.

In the episode, Khloé Kardashian and Scott Disick attempt to FaceTime Kris Jenner while painting at Khloé’s house.

But instead of the momager, it’s Lawrence who answers the phone, telling the pair, “This is Jennifer f—- Lawrence, that’s who you’re talking to.”

Disick is not entirely impressed, telling the star, “Not that you’re not very famous and beautiful, but can I talk to Kris?”

“I am the new Kris,” Lawrence responds as she takes a sip of wine and critiques Khloé’s painting of a peach. “I honestly think that that piece is completely legit.”

Kourtney Kardashian soon arrives, prompting Lawrence to offer some harsh news.

“Honestly, I need to be like, real. We wouldn’t be having this much fun if you guys were here,” she says. “Goodbye, I love you all. You make me so proud every day. You’re doing great, sweetie! You’re doing great!”

Khloé later addressed the hilarious call on Twitter, writing, “Jennifer Lawrence is sooooo hysterical #KUWTK.”

The love is mutual between the famous family and the Silver Linings Playbook star, who kicked off a friendship with Kris Jenner years ago after the KarJenner matriarch surprised her with a birthday cake after learning she was a fan of the show.

“When I walked out with this cake, she was so excited and so excited to see me, and then we had this little texting friendship from then on,” Jenner told Steve Harvey in 2017. “It was fun. She’s such a great girl.”

The bond stretches back to at least 2015, when Jenner shared a hilarious birthday post for Lawrence that featured the stars dressed in black and reading in bed together.

“Happy Birthday you piece of s–… God I love you #Jenniferlawrence thanks for making this night a night to remember……even if we did get caught… I love you Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!!” she wrote.

Since then, their friendship has grown, and when Lawrence guest-hosted for Jimmy Kimmel Live! in November 2017, she recounted with Kim Kardashian West the time she found herself naked in Jenner’s closet after a drunken dinner.

“I drank five martinis and wound up naked in her closet, I’m dead serious,” she said, later adding that the evening “was everything I could’ve ever dreamed of.”

Kardashian West confirmed the account, saying, “So Jennifer came over for dinner two weeks ago, I’ve never seen my mom more drunk in our lives. It was so funny. They had a few too many drinks for my taste.”

One month later, in December 2017, Jenner joked that Lawrence gave her a Porsche for Christmas (though the gift was actually a toy car).

“My BFF #Jenniferlawrence asked me what I wanted for Christmas and of course I said a Porsche, DUH. My girl didn’t disappoint,” she wrote on Instagram. “Thank you Jen I love you!!! #bffsforever #christmassurprise #jlaw #soexcited.”

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