People loved seeing Jon Stewart’s personality shine on TV, and his comedic commentary on politics made viewers laugh. Much of his career has been with The Daily Show, and he was the show’s first host to host the Grammys. Currently, Trevor Noah is the face of the series. 

For several years, Stewart spent much of his time away from the television industry. Now, he is coming back but on a streaming service. His new show will premiere on Apple TV+. 

Jon Stewart’s history in television

Stewart began as a stand-up comedian before he moved over to television in the ’90s. In 1993 as the host of his own show, The Jon Stewart Show on MTV. Despite becoming a hit, the network dropped the programming. Stewart would appear in other shows like Saturday Night Live and The Larry Sanders Show

Most people know Stewart for his time on The Daily Show. He replaced Craig Kilborn in 1998 and would host the series until 2015. He had an extremely popular run during those two decades. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stewart earned 20 Emmy Awards. 

Stewart helped co-create The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert as well as The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Besides being a host, he has acted in multiple TV shows. People can find him in an episode of Spin City, and Stewart also has acting credits for several movies. 

Since Stewart left The Daily Show, he has had more time to do other things. He spoke out in support of the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund and appeared in other talk shows a few times. 

Jon Stewart signed a deal with Apple

Recently, there was an announcement that Stewart would return to TV as a host. The Verge reports that he will have his own show called The Problem with Jon Stewart. The series will be on Apple TV+, and the first episode will premiere this September. 

People can expect the show to have multiple seasons. Each episode will be an hour-long and will focus on a single issue. Naturally, the topics will cover current events and discourse in the country. Apple has not confirmed how many seasons the show will have or the number of episodes per season. 

Fans of Stewart are excited to see him come back and comment on aspects of the national conversation. Some people might feel like the new show will be similar to The Daily Show. According to Collider, there are going to be a few differences. The main one is that each episode will have only one topic. Besides modern events, Stewart is going to discuss his advocacy work. There also will be a podcast series to accompany The Problem with Jon Stewart

Other upcoming projects on Apple TV+

Subscribers of Apple TV+ can expect some upcoming shows and old ones to come back in the coming months. Recently, The Morning Show released its trailer for season 2. New people will join the cast, and the trailer revealed what happened to the characters. The season will air on September 17. 

If people are interested in science fiction, they can wait for the debut of Invasion. The new show will follow the perspectives of different people while aliens invade Earth. Coming out in late September, Foundation centers around exiles who try to save humanity. 

In November, the streaming service will premiere The Shrink Next Door. The miniseries is an adaption of the podcast of the same name. Well-known actors Kathryn Hahn, Will Ferrell, and Paul Rudd will star in the show.

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