Jonny rips Ste from his family in Hollyoaks far right trauma tonight

Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) has been groomed and caught in a trap of the worst kind as he continues to fall deeper under the spell of far right racist extremists Jonny (Ray Quinn) and Stuart (Chris Simmons) – and it’s set to get worse in Hollyoaks tonight.

Following the riot triggered by Ste’s impromptu march which unsettled Stuart as he thought Jonny was losing control of him, Ste has been removed from the gang. And through the week, Jonny sets a test for Ste to prove his loyalty to Stuart and get the message across that he is primed and ready to be a part of the gang – and ripped apart from his helpless family for good.

Desperate to impress the man he believes is his brother, Ste looks set to do anything and by the end of the week, the gulf between him and all that’s good about him will be wider than ever.

Discussing the week’s events and how they come to pass, Ray told when we caught up with him: ‘Ste has done something he wasn’t told to do – he has let the group down big time. Stuart flipped his lid; this cool, charming, sophisticated man turned into this monster.

‘He accused Ste of making them look like a bunch of thugs – but that’s what they are! It wouldn’t be hard to say that they know this was going to happen – this could have been the plan all along. It’s worked in their favour. As long they have an eye on everything, they find a way to use everything to their advantage and can manipulate every situation.

‘When Stuart lost it, he blamed Jonny. Stuart took Jonny in after jail and showed him loyalty and trust and family – so now this has happened, Jonny feels he has to prove himself. That man is everything to him, he does all his dirty work. The thought of Stuart turning on him is absolutely terrifying – it’s unthinkable. It’s clear that Jonny has been groomed into the far right movement by Stuart in the same way that Ste has been by Jonny and Ray confirmed that the backstory of his character and how he came to fall under this spell will be explored.

‘Based on discussions I’ve had about Jonny’s backstory, Jonny has a similar motivation to Ste,’ the actor told us. ‘He’s been hurt and wants to do what he thinks is right. But Jonny is way further down the line and way too deep to ever escape from this.’

As the dust settles and the residents reel from the events of the riot, Ste’s only interest is getting back in with the gang. And Ray reckons that a lot of that is to do with him seeing Jonny as kin. But as Peri and Leela set out to take a DNA test, how would things change is Ste were to discover the truth?

Ray reveals that Jonny has already planned that eventuality.

He revealed: ‘Ste is Jonny’s prodigy – and he needs to succeed in this at all costs. As for as Ste is aware, Jonny is family – the older brother he always wanted to be a bit of a lad with him and be in stuff together. Ste’s had a lot of problems so he has been crying out for this figure to guide him. Jonny offers him this self confidence Ste doesn’t know Jonny isn’t blood.

‘He’s turned up and there was that instant connection because Ste has been told this guy is his brother. He’s hanging onto that bit of hope – Ste is maybe hoping that he can even turn Jonny’s eyes to a better life. But for now, he is trying his best to please these guys and it’s so unfortunate.

‘What Jonny would do if the truth came out would be to be cool, calm and collected. Stuart is by his side all the time so if there was ever a problem that Jonny thought couldn’t be solved, Stuart would back him up, whatever he says. Jonny is trained to be very choosing in what he says and what he doesn’t say. He’s prepared for any situation – to tell that sort of lie, you have to be prepared for the worst.’

Hollyoaks continues on Tuesday 11th June at 7pm on E4.

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