JOY-Anna Duggar was slammed by fans for recording herself on her phone while driving with Gideon, three, and Evelyn, nine months.

The mom was sharing her son's experience going through the carwash while in the car for the first time.

Joy-Anna captioned the video: "Taking Gideon through a drive-thru car wash for the first time… watch his reaction!"

She asked Gideon if he was ready to go through, and he said he was, and then the proud mom said he did great when it was over.

But a concerened fan commented: "Please please PLEASE don't video record yourself/work you phone/camera while you are driving, especially with kiddos in the car…it can ge so dangerous. Kids reaction to the car wash was adorable"

Last month, Counting On fans bashed Joy-Anna for looking 'plastic' as she advertised false eyelashes.

The 23-year-old was promoting magnetic lashes on her Instagram stories, when fans noticed she did not quite look herself.

The mom-of-two posted a close-up selfie of herself sporting a side fringe and black liquid eyeliner.

"Filter much? They don’t even look like real normal people anymore," wrote on fan on Twitter.

Another added: "She looks like plastic."

Joy and her husband, Austin Forsyth, broke their silence over her brother's shocking child pornography arrest.

The disgraced former reality star was arrested and charged with two counts of possessing and receiving child porn.

Both Joy-Anna and Austin took to their Instagram Stories to share the same statement, which read: "The recent accusation brought against Josh sadden us to our core.

"We have not wanted to be hasty in making any statements while still trying to process the news ourselves. We are especially heartbroken by the reality that there are children in the world being harmed and exploited."

The statement concluded: "We ask for prayer for all those involved, and it is our continued prayer that the truth comes to light."

The father of six pleaded not guilty to the charges, as he was released after making bail and is now on home confinement until his July 2021 trial.

Josh has unlimited access to his six children with his pregnant wife Anna, 32, as long as she is present.

He is unable to have contact with other minors, including his siblings, nieces and nephews.

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