KATIE Price behaved erratically as she posed with fans from her £80 makeup masterclass.

The 41-year-old former glamour model looked anxious while standing by her fans at the Aberdeen event on February 3rd.

In one video shared to Instagram, she puts her arms around the fan before quickly rubbing her nose, as she's chewing gum.

Then in a second video she promotes some sweets, saying: "I'm going to let you into a little secret.

"I actually love these from… [sings] 'Sweety cone! And the kids love them, but I love them, we love them, you love them."

The sold-out appearance took place two days before she was forced to pull out of a makeup masterclass in Worthing, Sussex, due to ill health.

Fans were furious after claiming an email was sent out at 5pm informing them Katie wouldn't be turning up for the event scheduled to start 60 minutes later because she was unwell.

One moaned: "We want a refund. We want petrol money back. Total disregard of our time and f***ing money #furious."

Another added: "Apparently they are both sick, total bulls***."

Someone else said: "We drove 60 miles to come to the masterclass and an hour before the event they sent us an email cancelling.

"We were driving so we didn't see the email until we go there. Who cancels an event an hour before?"

A follower responded: "Unfortunately she's got a habit of doing that. She did it in her audience tours a few years back.

"I was going to book Somerset but won't bother if that's how she treats ticket holders."

The studio apologised to fans, saying: "Very sorry to hear that your so upset with regards to this event being cancelled. Unfortunately we are the venue that has been hired to use for this masterclass and are in now way do we have any control over the event being cancelled.

"I would advise that you would go to the website that you have booked the tickets through and they will absolutely help you. Once again we are really sorry that you have been let down. I hope you can understand that this is a self employed lash techs post. This has absolutely nothing to do with the event and we have no control over it. I will absolutely pass your comments on."

Fans were then convinced Katie Price was spotted dancing in an Amsterdam club just hours after cancelling.

A source said: "I couldn't believe it when I saw Katie on the Instagram Story when so many people were excited to see her in Sussex."

However, Katie denied being Amsterdam, filming herself in bed on Instagram: "I haven't even been to Amsterdam. That person isn't me. I'm not even that big and my hair's a lot longer than that. What absolute b***s***. I'm actually in bed, still ill."

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