Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) has been left traumatised after being kidnapped in Coronation Street.

The troubled teen has spent the last few days in a cellar belonging to one of Rick’s former clients.

Keiron was demanding the rest of Rick’s money and warned Gary (Mikey North) if he didn’t get it all together, he won’t see Kelly again.

Gary desperately scraped the cash together (where does he find it all?!), but he met up with the gangsters knowing full well he did not have the full amount.

The men took the bag, which allowed Gary to follow them to Kelly as he had a tracker hidden within the money.

In the cellar, things descended into chaos.

Gary was very prepared to protect Kelly, those same emotions we saw from him tonight mirrored his final showdown with Rick Neelan, which ended with Gary murdering the loan shark.

Gary did not go as far as killing again, but Kelly was terrified – this was a side to her guardian she had never seen before.

Back at home, Kelly addressed the rather big elephant in the room with Gary and wondered if he had ever gone that far with someone before.

This was a huge moment. Gary could’ve told Kelly the truth about Rick’s death here, but he chose not to, telling her he’s never behaved like that.

Gary and Kelly have both agreed to keep the ordeal a secret from Maria (Samia Longchambon), but is this a sign Kelly will soon discover what happened to her dad?

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