Kimberly Hart-Simpson would 'give her left t*t' to return to Coronation Street – but one thing's holding her back

KIMBERLY Hart-Simpson would 'give her left t*t' to return to Coronation Street – but admits there's one thing holding her back.

The 33-year-old actress played sex worker Nicky Wheatley in the ITV soap and filmed her final scenes at the end of last year.

However, the door has been left open for her return and Kimberly admits she would love to head back to Weatherfield at some point.

Speaking on FUBAR Radio's Access All Areas, Kimberly told hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng: "I mean, I'd give my left t*t to go back, quite frankly.

"So, it's just the case of, it’s Covid, I think it is. And obviously there are things I am aware of but I can't talk about them because that’s, you know, it's confidentiality. But the door has completely remained open."

Before Coronation Street, Kimberly had appeared in Hollyoaks as a landlord called Beverly.

The actress admitted she wouldn't be opposed to going back to the Channel 4 soap either, saying: "I think both soaps, Hollyoaks and Corrie, because I did start at Hollyoaks and then, the day my episode aired was the day I went for Corrie. It was all, yeah, there are layers there. 

“I’d go Emmerdale as wellI’m not bothered! There’s nothing against Emmerdale.”

Bobby asked if she would be up for any soap, and Kimberly replied: "Do you know what? My heart will always forever and utterly be Coronation Street.

"Just because that's what I grew up on. It’s just in my blood. But then I respect and understand how much, like say Hollyoaks does for young people."

The Celebs Go Dating star continued: “The mental health factors that it comments on, that it educates young people through. What it does, we underestimate completely.

"Like it's a platform for young people to discover things that are spoken about in their world that are current right now. And I think that sometimes gets lost in transit."

Kimberly went on to defend Hollyoaks, adding: “Like people go, ‘Oh yeah, Hollyoaks it's full of models’. No, it's not. It's full of people educating people about real issues.

"And you know, even if I ended up there, it would still be, it would be an absolute honour to be there, to talk about stuff that matters.

"But then, you know, likewise that, ooh them cobbles. Love them cobbles.”

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