**WARNING: This article contains Last Christmas spoilers**

Last Christmas viewers were originally meant to see a different ending altogether, but test screenings showed fans weren’t connecting with Henry Golding’s character Tom enough to pull it off. Anyone who went to see the rom com, which was soundtracked by the music of George Michael and Wham!, knows the twist ending saw Kate (played by Emilia Clarke) discover the man she’d fallen in love with, Tom, was in fact dead. It turned out he was the donor who had given her his heart the year before, saving her life in the process.

While this was the plan all along, how the film finishes went on a bit of a journey before it made it to cinemas.

In an interview with Collider, Last Christmas director Paul Feig revealed the movie had initially ended with Kate continuing to live by and share the lesson Tom taught her.

The alternate ending features on the DVD/Blu-ray special features and shows her working as a tour guide, inspired by Tom’s instruction to “look up” more in life.

However, apparently test audiences weren’t keen on it at all.



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“Well, originally that was the ending that came right after the concert, so the concert ended and then we were kind of four, six months later here and she is doing this thing carrying on the lesson she learned from Tom,” Feig said.

“But what we found from our test audiences was that they didn’t connect with it, because I don’t really think they felt the connection enough to Tom from that.

“And so there was a lot of discontent about, well why’s she a tour guide?” the director explained.

He went on to say he was “very slavish” about test audiences and trying to make sure what fans hope for and want from the story is delivered in the finished film.

“So really I just kind of felt like, well, let’s do something else,” he continued.

Instead of Kate wrapping up the movie as a tour guide, the film ends with Kate and her family sharing a lighthearted moment together, having fun as a family.

“We did want a little more comedy in the end,” Feig told the publication.

“We like the idea that that family’s healed, but still everybody has their issues and their weirdness, so it’s not a perfect ending, like it never is in life.”


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“But we love the image of Kate just being kind of in a better place in the spring and summertime at that park. So that’s where that came from.”

Last Christmas took over $120 million at the box office after its release in November.

The festive rom com follows the life of Kate, who worked as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop.

Nothing goes right for Kate, who has a bitter outlook on life.

As the film goes on, the audience learns she nearly died of a serious illness the Christmas before but was saved by a heart transplant.

Kate meets optimistic Tom who helps her see the lighter side of things and open up to people again.

As he teaches her to appreciate the beauty of London and the life she has, a romance blossoms.

But, in the end, she learns he’s not really there and that, following a tragic accident, it was his heart which saved her life.

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