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The Last Kingdom season four has come to an end on Netflix and viewers are already excited to see where Uhtred (played by Alexander Dreymon) ends up next. The Anglo-Saxon series is based on The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell and they tell the tale of England forming as a united country. Fans want to know if Uhtred will live long enough to see heir to the throne Athelstan, or Aethelstan, (Caspar Griffiths) become the next Saxon king.

Will Uhtred live to see Athelstan as king in The Last Kingdom?

The Last Kingdom fans are already looking forward to season five, which should continue to see King Edward (Timothy Innes) fulfilling his father’s legacy.

His father, King Alfred (David Dawson) had longed for a united England and he wanted his son and daughter Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) to carry on his dream.

In season four Edward took up the position as ruler and he had a hard time getting used to the responsibility, relying on Uhtred for help.

Edward’s mother Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth), had been taking care of Edward’s eldest son Athelstan, but she was later poisoned and became very ill.

She handed Athelstan over to Uhtred and asked him to raise the boy as a strong fighter and leader, and fans are keen to find out how Uhtred copes with his new role.

The series is based on Anglo-Saxon history and the character of Athelstan is based on a real-life English ruler.

Athelstan, otherwise known as Aethelstan, was an Anglo-Saxon king between the years 924 and 927, and he was still the king of England when he died in 939.

Like in the series, he was the son of King Edward and he was the first King to have a successful rule over England as a united country.

The character of Uhtred is based on the real-life Dane warlord Uhtred the Bold, but he was alive during a different time period and did not come into contact with King Alfred.

Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss whether the fictionalised Uhtred will be around to see Athelstan become king in the series.

UncivilDKizzle said: “Cornwell has said many times Uhtred will make it to T which is historically considered the moment England began.”

This iconic battle was one of the pivotal events that changed the course of Britain as a united country, much to the surprise of fans.

The battle took place in the year 937, between leaders in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, as well as Athelstan and the Anglo Saxons.

Historic-UK.com said: “In 937AD this newly formed Celtic/Norse army began marching south into England, seeking battle against Athelstan.

“At the same time, and in no doubt due to years of previous alliance-building, Athelstan was able to bring together the Anglo Saxon noblemen and armies with relative ease. It was in the summer of 937 that the two armies met at Brunanburh for what was to be one of the bloodiest battles ever held on British soil.”

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Another fan explained on Reddit how Uhtred is likely to be around 80-years-old at the time of the battle, which should wrap up the series of books.

Answering the question of whether Uhtred will still be alive when Athelstan becomes king, runningstitch said: “Uhtred has some pretty serious plot armour, so probably. “Cornwell is using him to tell the story of the various Saxon kingdoms becoming England, so Uhtred will have to stick around long enough to tell the whole story.”

However some fans have pointed out that because Ujtred is a fictional character, rather than a historical character, he may not live that long.

But another fan said: “Uhtred of this series is a fictional character so the author can do as he wishes with him. In fact, he has already said that Uhtred will be alive to witness the battle that is considered the defining moment of the formation of a unified England.”

Fans last saw Uhtred and a young Athelstan walking off into the distance together as Uhtred prepared to change his own legacy.

He had been trying to claim back his homeland of Bebbanburg for so long, to no avail, so fans are wondering whether he will abandon his own plans to raise Athelstan as a strong Saxon leader.

The journey between Athelstan and Uhtred will most likely be the main focus of the fifth season, as the formation of England draws ever closer.

There is no official release date for the fifth series at the time of writing, but fans can expect the new series towards the end of 2021.

They have praised actor Griffiths for his portrayal of a young Athelstan and they hope to see the actor reprise his role for some of season five.

The Last Kingdom is on Netflix now

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