Line of Duty boss compares Ted Hastings to The Fonz from Happy Days as he praises 'big impact' he had on season one

Line of Duty boss Jed Mercurio has compared Ted Hastings to The Fonz from Happy Days as he praised the 'big impact' that he had on season one.

The British television writer, 54, took to Twitter earlier today to share his thoughts on Adrian Dunbar's take as the Superintendent with his 95k followers.

Over the past few weeks the show boss has been sharing his favourite highlights from the first ever series alongside the BBC's reruns of season one.

This morning he took to his social media platform to chat about character Ted Hastings, who is played by 62-year-old actor Adrian Dunbar.

With a picture of the actor dressed as the copper, he captioned the tweet: "Some viewers may be surprised that in #LineofDuty Series 1 Superintendent Ted Hastings appears in a supporting role. Adrian Dunbar's performance had such a big impact, the character broke out to become a lead in future series. Like Happy Days, The Gaffer was The Fonz!"

He added in another post: "To continue the Happy Days analogy, during every season we're informed we've jumped the shark. Not sure I agree but we're probably approaching the take-off ramp."

Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli (played by Henry Winkler), also known The Fonz, is a fictional character who starred in the American show Happy Days.

The auto mechanic started off as a secondary character in the popular 70s sitcom, but was soon seen as the lead role due to an increase in popularity.

And it looks like fans couldn't agree more with Jed's uncanny comparison.

One replied: "now he’s the most iconic character on the show! adrian and ted are both amazing"

A second wrote: "Adrian is an excellent actor so this doesn't surprise me. Ted is now iconic."

A third said: "I only realised this when I was watching the whole thing again for I think the third time? He’s become so iconic that I was shocked to notice how small the role was. Love him, love the show!"

This isn't the only thing that the creator of the BBC show has shared with fans.

Last week he revealed he made a secret cameo in the drama back in 2012.

He uploaded a snap which showed cast members Lennie James as Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates and Gina McKee as Jackie Laverty travelling together in a car.

He surprised fans when he shared that he was actually in the car with them.

Jed explained: "My only cameo appearance in #LineofDuty was invisible.

"I'm driving the grey Golf in front of @RealLennieJames and Gina McKee.

"No one on set knew the route we'd recce'd so Lennie followed me through the streets of Birmingham while they filmed the scene in the car behind."

Line of Duty fans were quick to show their appreciation for Jed's little gem of information.

One wrote: "That’s AMAZING".

While another asked: "That’s cool, can we have more of these behind the scenes stories".

A third added: "I’m loving all the behind the scenes gems. Thank you Jed."

Jed recently revealed plans for season six filming to finish “before Christmas” in order to guarantee a 2021 release.

The exciting update came after the cast and crew of the BBC police drama took part in a live web-based Q&A.

During the chat, Jed was asked when the sixth series of Line of Duty would resume production amid delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: "There are a few things to figure out, but we're working towards a day… I know a date has been talked about in the press, but as usual they got it wrong."

He added: “We are working towards a day and if we can get over all the hurdles we will be back filming.

“We'd love to be on air next year, so we really have to make sure we complete our filming before Christmas.”

But while fans wait patiently for season six, the BBC have treated us to a re-run of the first series- and viewers can't seem get over how young the cast look from back 2012.

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