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Lorraine Kelly is less than impressed with Good Morning Britain host Adil Ray after he hinted that she was an elderly woman.

The TV host, who is only 61-years-old, was flabbergasted at the comment as the fact that she owns dogs were brought to light following a discussion regarding people over the age of 80 owning pets.

As she appeared on screen to give an update regarding her own show and what was coming up, Adil asked her the question which caused both Susanna and Lorraine to be mortified.

Adil and Susanna were discussing the commitment involved in keeping a dog and the challenges that older people can face as he said: "Lorraine would know!

"Lorraine has Angus," before realising what he said and over exaggerating as he said: "Lorraine is very young obviously.

"I'm just digging myself a hole."

As he made the quip, Lorraine pulled a face at him as he added: "But Lorraine you would know wouldn't you. It's a bit of a challenge taking Angus for a walk everyday, you've got to keep him physically fit.

She responded: "I love it Adil it kept me sane."

However, Susanna immediately added: "What are you saying about Lorraine's fitness?!"

She quickly added: "No it is bad, it's bad. It gets you out of the house and gets fresh air."

Viewers were also stunned at the comment as one user wrote on Twitter: "Lorraine would know, being in her 80s."

Another said: "Oh dear Adil."

However, Lorraine did seem to understand what Adil was trying to get at and disregarded the idea that having a dog is a challenging part of her life.

She praised life with her pooch and said she loves walking her dog and taking him out, particularly during the pandemic as she was able to get outside.

Lorraine couldn't make it clearer that she loves her pooch with the constant influx of snaps of her dog Angus on her profile – along with many other snaps of his pals, including her daughter Rosie's dog.

The TV host certainly loves all the dog snaps on her profile – and her fans are always adoring the sweet photos.

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