LOVE Island sleuths reckon they've figured out who gets dumped tonight – after spotting Joanna Chimonides' shoulder and hair in a sneak preview.

A string of villa-watching amateur detectives have now insisted that means 27-year-old Michael Griffiths will get the boot tonight.

Many have said the footage, which sees what looks like Joanna sitting alongside Francesca Allen after the dumping, is conclusive evidence.

One viewer insisted: "They sent Michael home, I saw Joanna’s shoulders."

Another cheered: "That is Joanna sitting next to Francesca. WE DID IT, WE GOT MICHAEL OUT! "

A third tweeted: "Did anyone else spot Joanna’s hair on First Look? 1.33 seconds sitting next to Francesca, blue top??"

One other pointed out that when the same clip appeared on Love Island's official Twitter account, the tell-tale shoulder had disappeared.

A fan pointed out: "Anyone else notice they’ve cropped the hair that was seen in first look clip on the app out of this twitter first look obviously proves they saved Joanna somehow."

Another said: "They cut the bit out where it looks like Joanna is sitting next to francesca."

However, shoulder-gate wasn't the only theory gaining ground in the fertile Love Island conspiracy community.

Another viewer showed their working on some other thinking that pointed to 22-year-old Joanna being kept on and Michael booted off.

They wrote: "The islanders definitely saved Joanna over Michael you can tell:

"Ovie- wanted Joanna since day 1. Molly- picks Joanna in first look clip. Belle- also picks Joanna in first look clip.

They went on: "Francesca- good mates with Joanna . Maura- called him fake for turning feelings off last night."

Tonight, viewers will see the Islanders facing the tough decision of who to save out of the coupled-up pair.

Anton Danyluk is heard saying: "Michael. I started the journey with him, I want to end the journey with him."

Belle Hassan adds: "I would say for the same reason I would like to save Joanna. I love them both equally so it's not easy."

Molly-Mae Hague then concludes: "The majority wins anyway, so…"

Elsewhere in the teaser clip, Maura Higgins gives Curtis Pritchard an ultimatum over his dithering between her and Francesca.

She tells him: "You know you've got a decision to make. You've kind of had, not a really long time, but a long time.

"Maybe you might have decided or not? Wondering where's your head at."

Tantalisingly, Curtis simply sits there giggling and hides his face.

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