Love Island fans fuming with Yewande Biala as she trash talks David Attenborough

Fans who tuned into last night’s Love Island were expecting the usual shenanigans – flirting, snogging, maybe an argument or two – but no one was prepared for the biggest bombshell of the series so far: Yewande Biala hates David Attenborough.

And you thought the whole sitting on Danny Williams’ chest when he was midway during a conversation with Arabella Chi was bad.

The revelation came just seconds after the awkward sitting incident, when poor Danny tried to break the awkward silence with a lovely observation about the birds in the villa garden.

I think it’s well cool when the birds come down to the pool,’ he said to no one in particular. ‘It’s like some David Attenborough stuff.’

Not exactly reading his tone, the scientist took the opportunity to declare herself as a David Attenborough hater. Literally, she said: ‘I hate watching those’.

Like all of us watching at home, the other islanders were absolutely gobsmacked.

David Attenborough’s amazing!’ Gushed Arabella.

But Yewande, who couldn’t tell how deep the hole she was in was, carried on.

‘Every single person I know or have ever met says it’s amazing,’ she said. ‘But just find it so bloody boring’.

We’re not sure how watching two female penguins having a scrap over a male they both fancy is ‘boring’ – it’s basically Love Island but colder.

The 23-year-old scientist didn’t only drop herself in it with the viewers, but also with they boy she’s coupled up with as Danny was pretty enthusiastic about Dave.

He could be talking about anything and I would enjoy it,’ he added.


As you can imagine, viewers weren’t impressed with Yewande’s behaviour and took to Twitter to express their anger.

Yep, people are really, really upset with Yewande for making such a drastic comment.

One viewer added: ‘Yewande has made some poor choices recently but saying David Attenborough is boring is BY FAR the worst thing she’s done and there’s no coming back from that.’

Another disgruntled fan even advised Danny to run a mile, tweeting: ‘Yewande is cancelled she doesn’t like David Attenborough and thinks his documentaries are stupid, Danny get out while you can mate she’s no keeper’.

Things are just going from bad to worse for poor Yewande.

Not only does she completely miss out on the joy of watching Our Planet, but she’s now even more unlikely to stop Danny straying into Arabella’s arms.

Forgive her Sir Attenborough, she knows not what she has done.

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