Love Island girls explode at Lucie while ‘pathetic’ Amy cries over ‘attack’

Love Island fans were left fuming tonight after the girls all turned on Lucie Donlan.

They ladies were taking part in the 'Bridezillas' challenge, but it was not all fun and games as the games got very heated.

During the food fight, Lucie admitted she was deliberately targeting Amy Hart after their spat the other day.

Amy was labelled 'pathetic' for bursting into tears after her white wedding dress was covered in dirty food.

As she ran of to the Beach Hut, tearful Amy said: "Lucie just going for me all the time. She didn’t go for any of you. She went for me."

"She just f***ing ran at me," cried Amy.

"It's a fun challenge and we were all supposed to be getting each other. Lucie was just going for me."

With Amy sat with one group, Lucie told another selection of Islanders that she had to "let her anger out".

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Admitting it was "funny", Lucie said: "She was going for me, I was going for her. I thought it was letting out some anger."

After Amy stormed off to the main house, Amber Gill reacted furiously towards stunned Lucie.

Only Maura Higgins was defending Lucie as the rest of the girls turned on her.

The surfer made amends with Amy and apologised – admitting she had not realised she had taken it to heart.

Giving Amy a hug, Lucie said: "I’m so sorry. I didn't realise you were upset. I thought it was in a fun way."

They made peace, but will it last for long?

Angry Love Island viewers took to Twitter after watching the argument erupt.

One viewer said: "Awww amy nah get a grip please"

"Amy is literally out to turn everyone against Lucie. It’s foul," added another.


"Amy needs to get a grip. It’s clearly banter," said a fourth.

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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