Love Island's Maura Higgins shocks viewers as she invites Tommy Fury into bed in front of Molly-Mae

LOVE Island's Maura shocked viewers by inviting Tommy Fury into her bed in front of Molly-Mae, who he is currently coupled up with.

The cougar, 28, couldn't resist jumping at the opportunity to snuggle up with the handsome 20-year-old boxer, despite the fact he'd had a furious bust up with Molly-Mae just moments before.

"Tommy, do you want to join me?" the Irish beauty flirted, as she lay in bed on the first night of her Love Island experience.

Somehow, Tommy managed to resist – but only because Molly-Mae's eyes were burning into the back of his head from the other side of the room.

Those watching at home couldn't believe what they were seeing and took to Twitter to comment on it.

One person wrote: "Maura really invited Tommy into her bed in front of Molly.#LoveIsland."

A second added: "Maura asking tommy into bed in front of molly, savage. #LoveIsland."

Later, Molly-Mae fumed to her bed neighbours Joe and Lucie: "How am I meant to go to sleep like nothing's happened when I've just seen something that's really p***ed me off?"

Lucie tried to reassure her, adding: "You'll feel better tomorrow though."

Molly-Mae and Tommy were embroiled in a heated row tonight after Tommy admitted his head had been turned for 28-year-old Maura.

She accused him of dumping her at the first opportunity after promising he wouldn't meet anyone else in here.

The pair have been coupled up for six days, but haven't yet shared a kiss.

During the row, Tommy admitted: "Maura's come in and I've had a connection with the girl. I like her and I'm going to get to know her, what can I do about that?"

Molly-Mae shouted: "I've shared a bed with you for six nights, we've had deep conversations and you haven't even pulled me aside for a chat, just to be like, 'Mol, are you alright?'."

Following their argument, Tommy chose to sleep outside with pal Danny.

In a conversation in bed, Tommy said: "I don't enjoy playing games.

"Maura came to me and gave me an answer if 20 minutes. Yet Molly-Mae couldn't give me an answer in six days and I poured my heart out to her.

"I grafted like f***.

"I gave her everything in those six days. There's literally nothing I could have done more."

He added: "F*** it, tomorrow's a new day. We'll start again tomorrow.

"It's going to kick off."

Tensions were already high in the Love Island villa but are set to explode tomorrow judging by the teaser clip.

Molly-Mae and Maura will have a showdown over Tommy – and it's about to get ugly.

Tonight fans branded Maura "disrespectful" after "stealing" Tommy from Molly-Mae while wearing her coat.

Molly-Mae had kindly lent her love rival a jacket moments after meeting – but was left unhappy when she spotted her wearing it during a cosy chat with Tommy.

"I'm not going to go up to Maura, who's wearing my f***ing coat that I've just given her because she was cold…" fumed Molly-Mae.

"I'm not going to go up to him and say 'can we have a chat?'

"If he wants to crack on Maura, then f***ing crack on with Maura. I don't care."

Some fans praised Maura for being so brutal, while others were disgusted over her actions.

One said: "Take her coat and man, what a women #moura #loveisland."


Someone else said: "Maura is even wearing Molly's coat!!! This is a piss take #loveisland."

Another added: "Maura wearing Molly Maes coat as she's chatting up her man is such a power move #LoveIsland."

Molly-Mae was left furious when Tommy pulled Maura for a chat while wearing her jacket.

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