Fans of Lucifer will remember season three ended on Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German) seeing Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) true identity as the devil for the first time.

Since then, the question of her reaction has dominated the buildup to the show’s premiere on Netflix, with fans not knowing if she will accept or reject him.

Now, star Tom Ellis has revealed just how long it takes for Chloe to even face him again.

He told TheWrap: “When we open the season, we realise that it’s a month after the reveal at the end of Season Three and the detective disappeared. She kind of left that scene when the police swarmed in and Lucifer never saw her again, she took her child and she went somewhere.

“And he hasn’t heard from her, he’s heard nothing at all. So he’s been wallowing in this kind of self hatred for a month.”

“And just as he’s starting to think she may never come back, she comes back, and she comes back claiming that she’s processed this entire ordeal and that she just wants to get on and work again. And Lucifer thinks, ‘Surely that can’t be all it is.’ But I think Lucifer being Lucifer is quite happy to accept that may be all it is.”

Is the romance dead and Chloe cannot accept who he really is?

She had been in denial for a long time about his true identity and now it has arrived, she will have to come to terms with the reality of the man she loves.

Not only is she unable to accept him, but she may also just be about to punish him for who he is.

Tom added in his interview: “It turns out that in that month that Chloe spent away, she didn’t just go on holiday, she went and she started doing a lot of research about the devil and she went to a place where she believes she could talk to someone about it.

Chloe is plotting against Lucifer to try to send him back to hell

Tom Ellis

“Her path is crossed with a character called Father Kinley (Graham McTavish). And we find out that maybe Chloe is plotting against Lucifer to try to send him back to hell.”

Lucifer could be in danger from the scorn of his former lover.

He also goes on to suggest the arrival of Eve (Inbar Lavi) will be just what he needs after the Chloe drama because she “can accept him for everything he is.”

Lucifer is set to start a new relationship with Eve and this may be the thing that pushes Chloe back to Lucifer as jealousy hits and she cannot live without him.

Will Lucifer go for the “quick fix” of Eve or persist with Chloe and allow her to make the decision and take the power he is used to having out of his hands?

Netflix has released a new poster picturing Lucifer covering one of Chloe’s eyes, suggesting she half wants to see the true him and half does not.

The poster was also captioned: “There’s no hiding.”

Meanwhile, Chloe star Lauren recently spoke to TVLine about her reaction: “When I did press at the start of the break, I was asked what I thought Chloe’s reaction might be, and it is pretty much in line with what I guessed.

“I guessed that she would support him and love him, but be a little scared. She is, I think, in love with him, but just in denial.”

Fans have to wait just one more day to see her reaction and whether she can deal with the real Lucifer.

Lucifer season four arrives May 8 on Netflix.

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