Married At First Sight Australia fans fumed as they watched a heated argument unfold between newly weds Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon.

Bronte started the argument with Harrison after the commitment ceremony say Bronte voting stay and Harrison opting to leave despite telling her that he "wasn't going anywhere."

Harrison denied telling Bronte that he wouldn't leave and the couple argued over the semantics of the text message as Bronte read it out word for word.

Harrison then slammed Bronte for "gaslighting" him, causing her to storm off over the "ridiculous" claims and calling him a "narcissist."

Bronte was found by producers sobbing in a corner, saying she "wants to go home."

Fans felt "uncomfortable" watching the scene unfold and took to Twitter to fume about the argument and Harrison's behaviour.

"Seriously though. Harrison’s behaviour is very scary," one wrote. "Brontë is lucky she’s on a tv show that highlights his gaslighting. But how many women has he done this to behind closed doors?"

Another put: "Harrison is so twisted! I don't understand why they allowed him to stay! Spouting that he's being gaslight is laughable – so toxic!!"

"Yes, Harrison. It is text book gas lighting. From you. Idiot. Bronte IS the victim," a third tweeted, while a fourth called for producers to step in: "Why is Bronte still there, and why have the "experts" and producers let this happen."

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