Mark Kiley has revealed that the welfare team working on Married at First Sight UK puts First Dates "to shame".

The newlywed appeared on First Dates back in 2017, in which he was paired with Junior for Watford. Despite seemingly getting on during their dinner and even sharing a cheeky kiss on the way home, he later revealed on Twitter that they ultimately "went separate ways."

Speaking about his time on the rival reality show, intrduer groom Mark told Daily Star and other press: "My dating life is non existent so when I did First Dates a friend of mine was like 'Do it because they match you scientifically' and I went ahead and did it. I was so drunk before the date but I could tell it was just for entertainment purposes.

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"When I got chose to come on this I was just like 'How can you find me someone? I've had every single dating app you can imagine' With First Dates, they sort of supply you with the alcohol, and I know it was down to me to drink it or not, but they were supplying you with it and getting you hyped up to go on. With this, it's all about you and the welfare team for the show is unreal.

"The amount of support you get before the show, during the show, after the show is so good. The welfare team here is so good and puts First Dates to shame but with this team it's so much more about you then it is the show."

A spokesperson for First Dates told Daily Star: The welfare of contributors on First Dates is of paramount importance. As always, First Dates has a thorough duty of care process in place where all contributors are fully supported pre-filming, during filming and post filming."

Mark has been through a lot since his appearance on First Dates, having lost over five stone since his episode aired six years ago. The sweet singleton embarked on a wellness journey during lockdown, hitting the gym and changing his diet in a bid to get healthy and shed the pounds.

He is now trying his luck again by tying the knot on Married at First Sight UK but admits that his new husband Sean Malkin isn't someone who he'd go for on the dating apps but says he now fully understands why they were matched by the show's trusted relationship experts and love gurus Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson and Charlene Douglas.

Mark explained: "I didn't know what I exactly wanted at the end of the alter. I think when you meet them, you are both in this whirlwind and you get get on and it isn't until probably until after the honeymoon where cracks will show but I do think being with him, I can see why we were matched.

"Physically he isn't probably what I'd look for, I'd probably swipe left on Tinder but I can see why we were matched because everything I needed in a person was kind of given to me."

Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4 at 9pm

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