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Married at First Sight star Megan Wolfe has opened up about the huge backlash she received after cheating on husband Bob Boysey with Jordan Mundell on the E4 show.

Each of the contestants have blossomed in popularity as they found fame from their time while taking part in the dating experiment, but not all cast members are grateful for the extra attention.

In an exclusive chat with the Daily Star, reality star Megan admitted that she “didn’t leave the house much” while the popular TV show aired due to the vast amount of hateful messages from evil trolls on social media.

As she reflected on her time on the show, Megan admitted that she struggled to cope with the amount of backlash she faced after she cheated on her husband Bob with fellow contestant Jordan.

The wellness coach said: “I think now everyone’s looking back, a lot of people would have done things differently and that’s really hard.

“I can’t lie I had a really hard time, but I also had to own my actions as well. At no point did I defend myself [and] I think it was a hard lesson but a good lesson learnt.”

When asked how she felt watching the show back this autumn, Megan revealed: “It was like reliving it.

“It was like going through it like I was at the time but more because there were thousands of trolls in my DMs sending death threats.

“It was really hard to watch back, I didn’t leave the house much,” the TV personality explained.

Looking back on the incident itself, Megan revealed that her connection with Jordan was never going to last long and confessed it was a “drunken kiss.”

When asked whether she stayed in touch with the 27-year-old personal trainer, she quickly responded: “No.”

“Me and Jordan were never gonna be a thing. It was very short lived, it was a drunken kiss.

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"I'm not blaming the alcohol, but we’ve all been there and when I sat and listened to him speak to Alexis the way he did on the couch, I sat there and thought 'The best outcome here is that Jordon leaves.’

“So, when he did, I thought, ‘Oh thank the Lord’ because I don’t know what I would have done if he stayed,” she explained.

Although Megan and Alexis clashed on the show, the pair actually became good friends by the end of the social experiment despite the various arguments throughout.

She shared: “Contrary to what we saw on the programme, me and Alexis got on better than most people. I got on with Tayah best but me and Alexis spent a lot of time together off camera.

“I apologised a lot and Alexis is one of my favourite people off the show and we still get on really well now like we did before.”

As she recalled the memorable ladies day as the group enjoyed an adorable tea party, the health coach admitted the explosive argument “came out of nowhere” with no suggestions that the pair would fall out again.

“For me, it really came out of nowhere ‘cause we’d had a week together and we were fine,” she explained. “And then as soon as we start filming again, we go again.

“I think it’s important to remember it’s a highly produced show and things are poked and prodded to elicit a reaction, but some of it still was unprompted and uncalled for.”

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