It’s not that bad a problem

They were:

“Neveready” batteries, obviously a parody of Eveready.

“Mr. Clean Enough,” a parody of “Mr. Clean” cleaning supplies.

“Brawny paper condoms,” which in addition to being a parody of Brawny paper towels would also be a thing no one should ever ever use.

“Chef Cardi B’s Wet Ass Pasta,” a parody of Chef Boyardee and of course a reference to one of the best rap singles of recent memory.

“Kraft Macaroni and your guess is as good as mine,” which I probably don’t need to explain.

“Jimmy Hoffa pure pork sausage,” a parody of Jimmy Dean sausage that also references the mysterious death of mob-connected union boss Jimmy Hoffa back in 1982.

“Lucky Carbs,” a parody of Lucky Charms cereal.

“Mrs. Paul’s Fish Dicks,” again, probably don’t have to have this one explained.

Watch the whole clip above.

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