Eurovision: Maneskin give advice to fans after performance

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Maneskin got a standing ovation on Saturday night when they performed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. When their performance was over, lead singer Damiano spoke with the hosts about what it was like to be back. He also offered this year’s contest some advice while waiting for the results to come in.

“What I’m about to say makes me feel old but proud,” host Alessandro Cattelan said.

“I was there when you were first on stage and now I am here with you after an incredible year with a global tour sold out in four hours.

“North America, South America, Europe of course, Japan, what a year.”

Bass player Victoria De Angelis chipped in: “It’s been amazing this year, we have been touring the whole world and we are very grateful.”

The host asked: “Do fans around the world sing your Italian songs?”

“They try,” the bass player replied. “It’s very fun and sweet.”

Alessandro went on to ask: “Do you have any advice for the artists looking at you from the green room right now?”

“Two [pieces of] advice,” the lead singer said. “Have fun and don’t close to the table guys, don’t do it.”

Graham Norton chipped in: “If you don’t know what he’s talking about, Google it.”

More to follow…

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