Married at First Sight Australia's Tamara Joy looks unrecognisable after extreme surgery two years after show

MARRIED at First Sight Australia's Tamara Joy looked unrecognisable after extreme surgery two years after Dan Webb 'cheated' on her.

The 31-year-old showed off her nose job after undergoing rhinoplasty shortly after the series ended.

The show, which was first filmed in Australia in 2018 but is only airing in the UK now, has viewers hooked as Dan Webb embarks on an affair with fellow contestant Jessika Power behind Tamara's back.

Tamara looks worlds apart from her appearance on the show – the starpreviously admitted to getting lip fillers and recently posed with a fuller pout.

The reality star showed off the results of her nose job, the tip slightly lifted and the bridge straightened and filled.

The star also showed off her breast enlargement leaving fans shocked with her transformation.

The brunette beauty, who is now a social influencer regularly shares flattering selfies and bikini shot with her fans.

A number of fans flocked to comment on the stars changing appearance, with one writing: "Oh wow! What happened to your face???"

Another posted: "You look stunning Tamara, but your face has completely changed."

A third shared: "I'm shocked at how different you look. Is that really you?"

Another added: "You look like a different woman."

Tamara previously opened up about her cosmetic enhancements in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle.

'She said: "People do it for all different reasons and I guess mine was just more so… I had a bit of a booty and I really wanted to balance that out, that's why I did it [boob job].

"If it makes you feel better about yourself, why not?"

Last week, fans were left horrified when Dan and Jess sneaked off for a cheeky snog while Tamara was in the other room.

Jess later told the cameras: "I feel so giddy and silly, and excited and passionate. This experiment was coming to dead halt and this has brought it back to life."

While Dan admitted: "We have some kind of chemistry," before remembering he already had a wife, "I came here for love do I stick it out with Tam or do I jump ship."

One Twitter user wrote: "Jess and Dan are making me wana throw my remote at the TV, 2 disrespectful f***ers."

Another added: "Dan says he's not attracted to Tamara but thats not what he was saying at the wedding or the honeymoon.

"He's just thinking with his [penis], as soon as he saw Jess he was gone. Scumbag. Poor Tamara. Great role model for his son hey."

And a third said: "Lying, cheating, deceitful pair of [email protected]$£@€&# #MAFSAustralia #MAFSAU Dan and Jess – pair or horrible human beings/"

Although the bride didn't find love on the show, Tamara has been enjoying life on the Gold Coast since leaving Melbourne in October.

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