MARRIED at First Sight viewers are demanding show bosses hook up Ant and Alexis after their disastrous weddings.

In tonight's show Geordie firecracker Nikita says she's quitting after her latest bust up. However, it's Jordon she explodes at during the first dinner party of the series, not hubby Ant.

While earlier today love coach Paul Brunson revealed he had messaged Alexis to apologise for pairing her with husband Jordon after their awkward honeymoon last night.

Viewers think Ant and Alexis would make a perfect pair and have urged theexperts to make it happen.

One wrote on Twitter: "If Nikita’s off can Ant and Alexis try being together pls??"

Another posted: "they seriously should’ve put Nikita and Josh together and Alexis and Ant that would’ve been so much better #MAFSUK."

While a third said: "Jordan GET IN THE BIN, waste man. Alexis deserves so much better! *cough fall in love with Ant cough* #MAFSUK."

Last week, viewers watched as Nikita tied the knot with Ant and then went on a rather tumultuous honeymoon with him.

Fans were shocked as the hot-headed brunette chucked a coffee cup at him and demanded her own room after an explosive rant.

Some even called for her to to be given boot after her conduct was branded an act of "domestic violence".

Nikita later hit back at the comments and, waving two fingers at the camera, she said: "Can I just say, think before you speak, because for all you haters, me and Ant did have a lush honeymoon apart from that one day.

"But the rest of the eight, nine days we were there were wicked. So all of yous with hate, f*** yous all!"

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