Married at first sight: Morag says she trusted the experts

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Married At First Sight fans are delighted that the hit show has returned to E4 for season six. On Wednesday’s episode, Morag, 31, told Luke, 36, he needs to be “more of a man”, which sparked a huge backlash from fans who called her out for the controversial comments. The veterinary nurse recently took to Instagram to respond to a fan of the show who had criticised her, where she hinted that she agrees with viewers’ comments, adding: “Tell me about it!”

Morag was after her perfect man, and she and Luke were matched by Married At First Sight’s dating experts.

While enjoying the mountains of Switzerland together, Morag brutally remarked that she wasn’t attracted to Luke.

Understandably, Luke was crushed by her comments and was later seen in tears.

When the episode aired, Morag posted on her Instagram account to share with her followers some videos she took while with Luke in Switzerland.

She wrote: “Shame you didn’t get to see the activities we went on.

“Zip-wiring across the alps and a very, very boozy wine tasting day, a lot of fun was had!”

But fans continued to question her criticism of Luke, with one replying to say: “You made him cry, that was horrible to watch.”

They added: “What a genuinely nice guy he seems… these poor guys with their matches this series so far.”

Morag responded to the comment to say: “Tell me about it. He really is a genuinely nice guy!

“An absolute gentleman and a man! But we grow and we learn.”

Morag’s comments to Luke were met with a huge backlash from viewers at the time.

Luke had asked: “So, we’ve got two days left in Switzerland. Is there anything you want to do or get to know me or talk about or do?”

“I don’t know,” Morag replied coldly, adding: “I feel like you are like the boy from the valleys, you know?

“All you’ve been is cheeky and funny, I need sexual. How do you expect me to fancy you if you’re just acting like my mate?”

Luke looked extremely taken aback as she continued: “I feel like you’re not treating me as though I am your wife.

“I just want you to be a bit more manly, a bit more romantic. I want to fancy you, I do. You’re lovely but I just need more man than a boy.”

She later told him his clothing style was a “massive turn-off,” and soon viewers were taking to Twitter to slam her harsh comments.

One wrote: “So Morag ……, thinking you can talk to people like that, THEN ridicule his clothes and give him makeover…. Hun he too good for you #mafs #MAFSUK.” (sic)

Another penned: “Morag’s ‘I’m used to being around people who care about what they look like’ and her whole manliness speech was just horrendous to see and hear and Luke only really managing to say ‘I am a man’ was f***ing heartbreaking. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSightuk #MAFSUK.”

“Watching #MarriedAtFirstSightuk blimey, where did they find these self-obsessed, belittling women. Morag was the worst! #MAFS #MAFSUK,” a third commented.

Married At First Sight UK continues tonight at 9pm on E4.

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