Maya Jama hits back after cruel trolls claimed she ‘had a nose like Michael Jackson’

MAYA Jama refuses to let online trolls bully her even after they said she had a nose like Michael Jackson in a new interview with

The former radio host and now much-loved telly star who grew up in the public eye since she was a teenager does not let trolls bother her and actually has "a laugh about".

In the interview Maya, 26, revealed 'strangers can make you question things about yourself'.

Maya opened up: "Someone called me 'Michael Jackson nose'. I'd never ever thought about my nose before, but then after hearing that I was in the mirror for a week, like, 'Does it look like Michael Jackson's?'

"Strangers can make you question things you've always been sure about before. Now I can have a laugh about it because I'm used to it and nobody's ever said anything horrible to my face, luckily."

Maya added: "I can see online comments and think, 'The person saying that wouldn't say this to my face and they're probably not happy because nobody happy attacks somebody they don't know'. 

"That thought process helps you understand it and feel sorry for the person, rather than sad about yourself."

In the frank interview, Maya also chatted about how she was not upset about her father being around for most of her childhood.

Maya's dad was not around much when she was a kid because of various prison stints.

"Anything that seems tragic or could make people feel sorry for me, I make a joke out of. I guess it's because I'm OK with it. I've accepted it and I don't want you making me feel like you're sorry for me," Maya explained.

The TV presenter also recently hit out at trolls who slammed her choice of outfits on the BBC1 prime-time show Save Our Summer.

Speaking about getting back into some racy outfits as the new host of BBC Three make-up contest Glow Up, Maya said: “I can’t bloody wait.

“I’ve already planned my outfits for the first day of release like I’ve been in jail.

“I’m going to wear what I want, as usual, and that’s how I’m going to stay. To be honest, I’ve always dressed this way.

“It only became a topic recently, so I’m just going to continue. And that’s that.”

It’s not hard to see why Bristol-born Maya is fast becoming one of the UK’s best-known faces.

After leaving Radio 1 last May to seek her fortune on the box, her career has gone from strength to strength.

And as the new face of Glow Up, which was previously presented by Stacey Dooley, Maya is in her element. She said: “I’ve been a fan of the show since it started.

“In the history of joining shows that have already been set up, it can feel a bit daunting and scary but I didn’t feel that at all with Glow Up."

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