Married At First Sight UK always brings matrimonial magic, commitment couch crises and dinner party drama to our screens – but new couple JJ and Bianca insist they weren’t prepared for the chaos among the cast.

The pair make their MAFS UK debut tonight alongside fellow intruder couple Jordan and Erica. After their daunting wedding day, they joined the rest of the original contestants at what proved to be a very eventful dinner.

“Entering that, I was not as nervous as I was on my wedding day but it wasn’t far behind,” fashion brand owner JJ, 30, adds. “I was expecting it to be really nice but it was proper tense. It felt like it was about to explode at any moment. I think it hit me then that this wasn’t going to be plain sailing. This was going to be a proper roller-coaster.”

The experts matched JJ up with hair extension specialist Bianca, 29, who adds that the drama was “consistent” after they arrived on the show.

“Some people definitely play up to the camera and get a bit theatrical sometimes,” she says. “It gets a bit annoying when people do that because they just want air time basically.”

The Buxton girl signed up for MAFS UK after her “traumatic” relationship with her previous boyfriend came to an end.

“I didn’t think I believed in love and I’d never been in love – I didn’t think it ever existed,” she says. “Quite frankly, that relationship traumatised me quite heavily.

“All my friends were having babies and getting married and I kept thinking, ‘Surely there must be someone out there for me?’ I figured why not? Why not now?”

Meanwhile, JJ was ready to settle down after living it up in Los Angeles. “I partied a lot. I’ve lived in parts of the world trying to meet someone to experience life with. I haven’t been able to find anybody.

“When this opportunity came around, it felt like something that was right for me. I’ve never really done normal things so this suited my personality,” he adds. “If you ask my friends and family, they wouldn’t be surprised that I would do something like this. Without taking risks, there’s no reward.”

Bianca reveals that meeting JJ at the end of the aisle felt like a “breath of fresh air”.

“I think with JJ I got some things I asked for and some things I didn’t but at our wedding, I just accepted him completely for who he was there and then,” she says. “I didn’t care about tattoos or height and all that. This is what I got and I’m just happy with that.”

Unfortunately, JJ didn’t feel the same, telling the show that it “wasn’t love at first sight” and that Bianca wasn’t like the girls he usually goes for.

Addressing the moment, JJ says he was just being honest. “I think I was truthful the whole way through and that’s all anyone can ask of me. I wouldn’t want to lie and be deceitful about something,” he says.

The Essex boy had been in a year-long relationship with a model in LA and reached out to let her know his MAFS UK news. “She’s moved on as well so she was fine with it but I wanted to tell her,” he admits.

“I was cast and it just felt like the right opportunity. I was looking to find love,” he says.

Despite their rocky start, JJ and Bianca say that they gave the marriage their all. “You’re so involved in the process and living in that moment with your partner that you forget it’s being filmed,” JJ adds.

The couple faced setbacks along the way however, with Bianca’s sister refusing to attend her wedding. “My siblings were a bit sceptical. My brothers did attend the wedding but my sister didn’t. They were all supportive and she did wish me luck through messages, she just didn’t want to attend. My mum and dad were more like, ‘Finally, you’re going to be with someone!’”

As for JJ, it was the rest of the cast who meddled the most with his marriage. “If you’re outside of the experiment, small arguments would be swept under the carpet but in this environment, anything small gets blown up. Other people hear about it and it becomes some big thing. I found that difficult.”

Can we expect more dinner party disagreements further into the series?“ I clash with others but probably not on the same scale as other cast members,” he says. “I felt like I was being genuine and authentic the whole way through – I hope that comes across.”

Married At First Sight UK airs Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4

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