Strictly: Molly Rainford 'had a feeling' she'd be in the dance off

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Last weekend, Molly Rainford landed in the bottom two against her Strictly Come Dancing co-star, Tyler West. This meant the pair had to face the dance-off in a bid to stay in the BBC competition. However, it was up to the judges to decide who stayed in the competition, and despite landing in the bottom two three times, the panel saved Molly.

Speaking to Rylan Clark on Friday’s It Takes Two, Molly opened up about her journey so far, admitting she never expected to make it to Blackpool, and believed she would have been eliminated by now.

She went on to discuss their routine last weekend, telling the host it had been a “struggle”.

Molly explained: “I actually really did struggle with the Jive I’m not gonna lie.

“I felt like it was a lot more technical than I imagined.

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“I think when you watch it… because you know one of the trademarks of the Jive is the kicks and that kind of style.

“But I didn’t realise how much technique actually goes into them.”

Rylan went on to question Molly and Carlos about landing in the bottom two again.

“You always hope,” Molly said before adding: “But I kind of had a feeling with this one because I just felt like you know, sometimes you come off the floor and [you think] I really did my best.

“I gave it my all but felt like something was missing that maybe I couldn’t do.”

“But I still loved every moment of it even though I found it hard in the week,” she added.

Speaking about Tyler and Dianne Buswell’s exit, Rylan said: “We were gutted to see them go.”

As Molly nodded in agreement, she discussed why they may have landed in the dance-off three times.

“I don’t really know,” Molly admitted. ” I mean, all we’re doing is trying our best each week and trying to have the most fun.

“In the dance-offs, you see me a bit emotional sometimes and it’s because I really want to stay.

“I’m having the best time and also for me it would be so amazing to get Carlos all the way, especially in his first year.

“I know how hard he’s worked and he’s such a great teacher and it is honestly been like we’ve created such an amazing friendship.

“I really rely on him, you know, with the nerves and everything and he knows exactly what to do.”

Speaking about last week’s dance-off, Molly added: “We weren’t like going over the Jive a million times because he knew that to settle my nerves, it was best for us to talk about it.”

Carlos went on to praise Molly for how well she has dealt with landing in the dance-off.

Strictly – It Takes Two airs daily at 6.30pm on BBC Two.

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