Mrs Brown's Boys actor 'likes' tweet claiming Brendan O'Carroll has got 'too big for his boots' amid pay dispute

MRS Brown's Boys actor Damien McKiernan has "liked" a tweet claiming Brendan O'Carroll has got "too big for his boots" amid an ongoing pay dispute on the show.

The popular BBC sitcom is currently in crisis, with actors Damien McKiernan and Gary Hollywood recently leaving after finding out they were paid less than their co-stars.

According to the MailOnline, Damien, 54, has now liked a tweet from someone criticising show star Brendan O’Carroll, 65.

The tweet read: "Think it is shocking the way [Brendan O'Carroll] has treated [Gary Hollywood]. Think Brendan has got too big for his boots!"

Damien and Gary, 41, play couple Dino and Rory on the show, while much of the rest of the cast is made up of O'Carroll's family.

The pay dispute comes at a complicated time for Gary, who this year has both welcomed a baby son and tragically lost his brother after he had two heart attacks.

An insider said to the MailOnline: "It’s more worrying for Gary as his brother Gerard passed away this year and he has a new baby.

"Gerard died after having two heart attacks. It happened two months after the birth of Gary’s baby boy Ollie."

"The whole point of Mrs Brown's Boys is that they’re meant to be a family and all be paid equally regardless. It couldn’t be further from the truth!"

Elaborating on the circumstances around Garyand Damien's departure, a source to the Daily Star: "Gary and Damien were confused and hurt when they realised they were getting paid less than the others.

"When they raised the issue it did not go down very well.

"Gary was later told he would only be appearing in one of this year’s Christmas specials. That was the last straw, so he told them he was quitting.

"Co-stars including Jennifer Gibney tried to convince him to stay, but his mind is made up."

This comes after the publication's source described the atmosphere behind the scenes as "uncomfortable and sometimes even toxic".

A source continued: "There have been feuds between some of the cast for a while now. What happens off-screen is a world away from the fun viewers see."

The cast were also disgruntled after the show's live UK stage tour was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The stars have missed out on massive payday as a result, but while shows have been postponed until next year, there is no guarantee they will go ahead.

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