BBC Weather: Peak of heatwave set to hit southern parts of UK

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Reporter Ben Boulos was on the scene in Salford for BBC Breakfast on Friday morning taking a look at the rising cost of fruit and veg as the cost of living crisis continues to cause issues for families up and down the country. However, his report was quickly cut short when BBC co-stars Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt realised he was having sound issues.

Ben’s mic began to drop out during his BBC report on supermarket costs on Friday morning.

He appeared outside the BBC Breakfast studios with crates of fruit and veg to explain how much prices had risen over the last year.

Unfortunately, the rest of his report had to be interrupted by Naga when the audio became distorted.

“Okay, Ben,” she cut across him. “We’re having a little bit of [a] problem with your audio there.”


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