A Naked Attraction virgin was left feeling rather overwhelmed after getting an eyeful of six vaginas — with the host having to explain the female anatomy to him.

The smash hit Channel 4 show is no stranger to airing a racy moment. Since its debut, fans have watched with their jaws on the floor as singletons bared all in front of the nation.

One notable contestant was 20-year-old virgin Josh from a 2018 episode that saw him come face-to-face with six naked women in the colourful pods. And it seems the Disney-obsessed letting agent was left taken aback by the amount of vaginas on display.

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In the episode, Josh appeared to be over the moon when the bottom half of the women’s bodies were revealed. Host Anna Richardson then talked about each contestant.

She asked Josh: “Tell me a little bit about blue?” To which he responded: “She’s got shaved legs that’s nice, I appreciate that.”

Anna quizzed further: “How do you feel about her vulva? Do you know what a vulva is?” Not knowing where to look, and after a brief pause, Josh stuttered: “Give me a definition.” She explained: “The vulva is the front part of your noo.

"Do you know what the labia are?” But Josh looked rather flustered and before letting out a chuckle, host Anna then added: “OK, what we're seeing here is the vulva.

“And then you’ve got the labia majora, the sort of bigger lips that you see,' she added. The sexpert went on: 'And then it's a whole other world once you get inside.”

After the quick anatomy lesson, Anna asked him: “How’d you feel about Blue’s vagina?” Appearing overwhelmed, Josh simply admitted: “It looks quite nice.”

The final round saw Josh ask each remaining singleton a question. But it seemed he was not too keen on a certain accent.

After speaking to 20-year-old Jess from Stoke, Josh soon booted her from show because of her Northern accent. Instead, he chose two other women with more “neutral accents.”

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After whittling down the six women to Charlotte and Elise, Josh returned to the set completely naked. Standing in the nude, Josh received praise for his sizeable “serpent,” and then after much deliberation, he chose Elise.

When the show caught up with him, Josh revealed there was no romantic spark with his date. But he did confirm he was “ no longer a virgin.”

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