NATASHA Bedingfield has helped pen countless hits throughout her career.

But now she tells The Sun after years of chasing chart numbers she is going back to her roots for her next project.

The Unwritten singer, who took to the stage at Manchester Pride with over the weekend, said: "I am always writing and working on new music.

"I asked to get out of my label deal because I felt pressure to write a certain type of music and I want to write music for the creativity and the fun. I am returning to my original love of music.

"You can view making music in so many ways.

"As a product, as content or as art. Being an artist is like being a chef. You love creating something special but then with success and demand it can hurt your artistry or creativity.

"I want my music to mean something and say something and not just write music to have a hit single.

"When you have a hit it is easy to then get obsessed with trying to chase your own success.

"And label's always want you to recreate what you have done before but most artists aren't like that.

"They are always moving forward and wanting to create something new."

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This year's Manchester Pride was bigger and better than ever before with the likes of Scissor Sisters legend Jake Shears, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK winner Danny Beard and Glasgow based singer-songwriter Ben Davidson all taking to the stage.

For the first time ever the weekend boasted a line-up  of 96% queer performers, 54% female performers, 51% people of colour, and over 42% trans and non-binary artists.

Online travel giant also collaborated with the festival offering more inclusive accommodation than ever before via their Travel Proud properties.

There are now 30,000 accommodations worldwide, including over 1,900 in the UK alone.

Opening up about her love of the community, Natasha continued: "I grew up in a community where sexuality was repressed.

"So I think I really connect with the LGBTQ community. Because of the way I grew up the community really seems to relate to me and my lyrics.

She added of her brother, I Gotta Get Through This singer Daniel Bedingfield and his influence on her: "For me pop music is about having your own voice.

"Daniel told me to be authentic because it will make you stand out. I have tried to stick to that throughout my career.  

"I don't really listen to any other female artists because I didn't want to copy them and don't want them to influence me too much."

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