“NCIS:” A Fan Caught a Hilarious Mistake in an Important Scene

Super fans of “NCIS”are quite observant. They notice everything from what characters eat to whatthey wear. One observant fan noticed a hilarious mistake in a very importantscene during season 17, episode six that you might not have noticed. Here’swhat the fan shared on Reddit.

‘NCIS’ season 17, episode six

During this episode, titled “Institutionalized,” viewers getto see forensic expert Kasie Hines in the spotlight. In this episode, her bestfriend, Dante Brown (Devale Ellis), is accused of murder. The show takes theaudience on Kasie’s emotional journey as she looks for ways to help save herfriend, whom she thinks was wrongly accused. However, compelling evidencesuggesting Dante is the murderer make her wonder if the man she has known foryears and confided in is really the person she thinks he is. If you haven’tseen this episode yet, we won’t spoil the ending for you.

The hilarious mistake an ‘NCIS’ fan spotted

Apparently, the “NCIS” continuity editors forgot to checkone very important detail.  There’s onepart in episode six where Dante is put in the back of a police car. A detailabout the car caught one eagle-eyed fan’s attention. The fan took to Reddit to sharethat the car window was down in one shot, then it was up, and then in the finalshot, the window was down again. Here’s what the fan posted:

Did anyone else notice that while Kasie and Gibbs were talking after Gibbs put Dante in the car, that the window went from being up to being down and then back up? When Gibbs and McGee put Dante in the backseat and closed the door, the rear window was up. Gibbs walked over to talk to Kasie and in the background is the car, rear window still up. While they were talking, the shot cut to Dante in the backseat at least twice, both times Dante was sitting on the same side of the car he got into and the window was down. Back to Kasie and Gibbs, the window is now up again. The editors and continuity people missed it.

Some fans didn’t like this episode with Kasie as the lead character

It seems like some fans are still mourning the loss of Abbyand just can’t move on. A few fans on Reddit said they weren’t really intoKasie’s big episode and they want Abby to come back. Some said the episode wasquite bland compared to the last couple of seasons. Another complaint was thatthe episode was predictable. One fan said he even knew Bishop would call Kasieand save the day. “Yeah, this was as bland an episode of ‘NCIS’ as we havegotten in at least 2-3 seasons. There was just nothing there. It was completelypredictable, down to being able to say, ‘And now is when Bishop finds the phonecall that saves the day,’ a couple of minutes before she found it.”

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