NCIS fans are more confused than ever. Ziva made another shocking appearance and viewers are shaken. The NCIS season 16 finale seemed like a regular show. There were no signs there would be any surprises. That’s until Ziva David (played by Cote de Pablo), who fans thought was dead, makes her second season 16 appearance. This time, she’s not blurred or hidden in the shadows. She can be seen clearly, and now fans have so many questions.

What happened during the NCIS season 16 finale

First of all, Gibbs was acting all kinds of weird. He wasjumpy, not acting like himself, and talking to ghosts. That’s right, Gibbsis seeing things now. In one scene, we see him talking to the ghost of hisdead ex-wife, Diane. She just pops up in his house and starts having aconversation with him. Yep, weird.

Why did Diane leave her crypt? Well, before her very creepyyet comical appearance, Emily Fornell is taken to the emergency room afteroverdosing on opioids. Gibbs, along with Emily’s father, Tobias, come down tothe hospital and find out Emily is in such bad shape she might die. Ghost lady appearsto Gibbs and annoys him until he gives in to her insistence that he find outwho is responsible for Emily’s overdose.

After Tobias tries to kill the doctor for not doing more, welater learn Emily has a drug problem. The bad guy is caught, and everything isgreat as father and daughter reunite and begin to work on their relationship. Itlooked like it was going to be a pretty uneventful episode, but the producershad one more surprise up their sleeves.

Is Cote de Pablo’s Ziva back?

Fans got the shock of their lives after Ziva David arrivesduring the final moments of the NCISseason 16 finale. She comes bounding down the stairs of Gibbs’ house. Notsurprisingly, this was quite a sight for Gibbs, since he had been getting visitsfrom his dead wife for the last couple of days. As Ziva approaches, she greetshim by saying, “Hello, Gibbs. No time for pleasantries — you’re in danger.” Ashocked Gibbs has trouble responding, so Ziva says, “Well, aren’t you gonna saysomething?” All Gibbs could say was, “Ziva.” And that’s how season 16 ends.

Fans react to Ziva’s NCIS season finale return

Obviously, fans had a lot to say about Cote de Pablo’s Zivamaking a grand entrance during the season finale. They had all kinds ofemotions after seeing her. One fan on Instagram said she cried after Zivaappeared onscreen. “I cried when Ziva came back in the end,” she wrote. Otherfans were so emotional, they had public outbursts. “I just yelled at work, ‘She’salive I knew it!’ I started jumping like a puppy,” said the viewer. Some fanseven went as far as saying this was the “best day in TV history.” We don’t knowif we would go that far, but it was a good episode.

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