Netflix and Apple Both Have Shows With 'Afterparty' in the Title, So Prepare to Endlessly Confuse Them

Netflix and Apple are both clamoring to hold the Afterparty of the year. Or rather, the two streaming hubs are working on two shows with nearly identical titles. In Netflix’s case, it’s a comedy panel aftershow called Netflix’s Afterparty hosted by David Spade. In Apple’s, it’s a scripted comedy series titled The Afterparty from Chris Miller and Phil Lord starring Tiffany HaddishBen Schwartz, and more.

Hollywood is a small world — often you’ll have different studios release movies with similar titles or similar premises, but it’s rare that you’ll get two streaming platforms working on two separate shows with similar titles at the same time. But that’s what happening with Netflix and Apple TV+, as Apple announced new details about The Afterparty on the same day Netflix announced the existence of Netflix’s Afterparty (see, this is already getting confusing).

Netflix Afterparty is “a first-of-its-kind weekly comedy panel show where comedians, casts, and creators come to chat about the buzziest shows and films,” which has just been ordered by Netflix. The aftershow is hosted by David Spade, Fortune Feimster, and London Hughes, who will be joined by a different Netflix comedian every week to celebrate the latest Netflix movies or TV shows to hit the cultural zeitgeist. Interviews, sketches, and other segments will be included. Executive produced and showrun by Brad Wollack and Tom Brunelle, the 18-episode aftershow will premiere in 2021 on Sundays.

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