DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles broke down during an episode of his show, Big House Clear Out on Channel 5, after helping a woman who's war veteran husband had passed away suddenly.

The show sees 59 year old Nick transform people’s cluttered houses, after he himself transformed his life after throwing way 85 per cent of his possessions and living in a more simple and clutter-free way.

The deal is, if families are willing to clear out their houses and throw away over half of their unneeded possessions, Nick and his team of DIY experts will work their magic on their homes, leaving them with their “dream home”.

Nick was reduced to tears on the first episode of season two of the show, after meeting Sarah, who’s war veteran husband, Trevor, 55, passed away suddenly after suffering a fatal heart attack in Dubai last year.

Sarah couldn’t bear to part with his huge military memorabilia collection, but Nick broke down when he informed her that he had arranged for charity Forgotten Veterans UK to hold Trevor’s sentimental items for her.

In an emotional speech, he said: ”I'll make you a promise. You do the tough stuff, get through the emotional bit of getting rid of half your stuff and you’re going to have an amazing house.”

On giving the items to the Forgotten Veterans UK charity, Nick said to Sarah: “To Trevor, that would have been really important, wouldn't it?”

A visibly moved Sarah was told by a representative from the charity: "With your permission, we would love to have a photo of your husband and some of the history of his service career,

“So when the vulnerable veterans come through, they can actually look at your husband as an inspiration to keep going in life.”

It prompted Nick to say: "You've got me choking up now."

Sarah and her late husband had been living in Dubai when Trevor suffered the tragic heart attack, and it left Sarah with just 30 days to gather her belongings and leave the country.

The sudden and unexpected move back to the UK, meant that Sarah ended up moving in to her daughter Stevie’s house, with all of her possessions and Trevor’s military memorabilia.

Not only did Sarah have the memorabilia, she also owned a jaw-dropping total of 91 handbags.

Her daughter, Stevie also turned out to be a hoarder, with 51 unused baking moulds and Stevie’s young daughter Hermione owned no less than 207 soft toys.

You can watch Big House Clear out on Channel 5 on Thursdays at 8pm.

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