Nicola Adams wants to win Strictly in honour of her 'hero' mum who she protected from her abusive dad as a child

STRICTLY star Nicola Adams has a secret weapon driving her towards glory on the BBC1 show – her mum.

The Sun can reveal she is aiming to waltz off with the crown and dedicate it to Dee Adams – who she has previously described as her hero.

A source close to the former Olympic Champion told us: “She is aiming to win this show not just for herself but for her mother as well.

"They share an unbreakable bond and Nicola hopes her mum will be in the audience before the end of the series to see her take part in the show.”

Nicola has always enjoyed an incredibly close bond with her mum.

It was forged after Nicola endured a tough childhood in which she witnessed her father beating her mother up.

She opened up about the ordeal in her autobiography, Believe, writing: “I just wanted to get between them, so I jumped in front of my mum and tried to protect her with a plastic sword. I thought I could keep my dad away. My mum reckons that, even then, I was brave.” 

Despite being aged just eight at the time, Nicola still begged her mum to leave her father, Innocent. 

She did so three years later and her mother had to  take on two jobs, working day and night to make ends meet. 

Then, when Nicola turned 14, there was another family crisis which further cemented the pair’s bond. Dee contracted meningitis and almost died.

Nicola called the ambulance when she found her mother could barely walk and her speech was slurred. 

And it was Nicola who demanded that something urgent be done when she was left for three hours at the hospital. 

Dee’s recovery was slow and Nicola had to look after both herself and her brother. 

Opening up on the ordeal in her book she adds: “I was by myself in the hospital cafeteria and I just broke down. I didn’t ever let my brother see me cry, because I didn’t want him to think things were really bad. I stayed strong for him. And I had to stay strong for Mum.”

Now recovered, Dee has been there to witness Nicola’s incredible rise to fame.

And when she came out to her mother in her late teens she was instantly supportive, simply shrugging her shoulders and suggesting she and Nicola have a cup of tea.

“Nicola has always had so much love, respect and admiration for her mum,” our sourcer added. 

“They have been through so much and now Strictly is the latest chapter. Nicola would dearly love to win the show then dedicate it to her. It would be amazing.” 

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