Noel Clarke Had to Write His Own Roles Due to Lack of Opportunities as Black Actor

The 2021 BAFTA special honoree reveals he was forced to write his own acting roles after he noticed the lack of opportunities for black actors in the entertainment industry.

AceShowbizNoel Clarke had “no choice” but to write his own acting roles after realising he’d never be offered the jobs he wanted.

The “Kidulthood” star, who recently scooped a BAFTA for Outstanding Contribution for British Cinema, told Radio Times that as a Black actor he knew he’d never get a “fair share” of parts.

So, according to the star, he began penning his own roles after vowing to improve the opportunities for Black actors in his industry.

“I had no choice. I learnt and understood very quickly that I wasn’t going to get the jobs I wanted to get, for whatever reason,” insisted Noel.

“We just weren’t getting a fair shake of the stick other than playing ‘Criminal No 2,’ so I decided I would write myself roles.”

The “Bulletproof” star went on to admit he feels the Black Lives Matter movement has sparked a “spasm of guilt” among TV and film executives to improve diversity, but he still feels like his work hasn’t been deemed “worthy.”

“This is about class. My films aren’t (deemed) worthy. They’re written, directed and acted by working-class people and they’re about working-class people,” reflects the actor. “For 20 years, I’ve been made to feel like I do not belong.”

“The business has always tried to say I don’t belong and push me out. I won’t sit here and lay blame on people, because it’s here (taps head)… but that’s part of what fuels me.”

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