Olivia Attwood slams Towie co-stars as ‘irrelevant and insignificant’ after feud with Chloe Brockett

OLIVIA Attwood has slammed "irrelevant" Towie co-stars in a stinging fan Q&A on Instagram.

The reality star said she wouldn't even bother naming the people she disliked the most on the ITVBe show because she doubted her followers would know who they are.

She said: "There's just like a handful that I love, like literally love them, and then the rest… they're so irrelevant, naming them on here would be a pointless activity you'd have to Google them and that probably wouldn't even help ya."

Back in September, Towie was hit with 176 complaints to Ofcom following Olivia's blazing row with rival Chloe Brockett.

Viewers were left feeling "uncomfortable" after the pair clashed over name-calling claims.

The blazing row occurred after it emerged that Chloe, 19, had a fling with her former BFF Ella-Rae Wise's ex-boyfriend, Jack McDermott.

She then confronted Olivia about calling her a "poisonous little creature" while Yazmin Oukhellou watched awkwardly on.

The former Love Island star fumed: "I thought you was vile and poisonous. You went at Clelia last year like a Jack Russell.

"I do feel a bit sorry for you, you haven't got any friends your own age, you're hanging around girls a lot older than you and you're angry. I don't know why you're so angry but you are.

"The thing is I thought the other day 'maybe was what I said a little bit too harsh' but the way you've conducted yourself, I'm bang on."

Chloe fired back: "All I'm saying is, when you called me a 'poisonous little creature', you don't know me".

Yet Olivia couldn't help but interrupt her point and added: "I do know you, I know loads about you. I've seen the way you treated my friend."  

"Your mum Claire, what does she pay you an hour to babysit you? Because I would like to know."

They continued to throw insults about each other's age, and Chloe called Olivia a "lanky old troll". 

However, Olivia went one step further with her insults and commented: "You come here with Victoria Beckham's wig on".

Attempting to counter the comments, Chloe fumed: "Shouldn't you be focusing on your own wedding?", to which Olivia fired back: "You'll never get married because no-one likes you".  

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