James Martin discusses 'Our Yorkshire Farm' with Amanda Owen

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BBC Four viewers saw Amanda Owen cross hills and fields through North Yorkshire in a new episode of Winter Walks on Monday night. The Yorkshire Shepherdess is well known for her Channel 5 series Our Yorkshire Farm that follows the adventures of her large family as they run their farm. However, her new episode of Winter Walks sees her venture out on her own without her husband and nine children. Chatting on the show, Amanda confessed it felt odd to be filming without her family by her side.

Winter Walks sees Amanda taking ancient routes first made by the Romans and exchanging notes with fellow sheep farmers.

In the episode, Amanda kicked off her walk in Bainbridge and followed the river Bain and a Roman road to end up at Lake Semer Water.

“As a shepherd and a hill farmer you do not set out on a walk for no reason, so this is a bit of an adventure really,” Amanda excitedly told viewers.

The shepherdess explained she’d be doing the walk on her own and filming herself as she went along.

“I’ve got my route to follow and a camera on a stick and it films me and all that I can see. Quite what the day will bring, who knows,” she remarked.

However, as she began the walk, the shepherdess confessed it felt odd to be away from her large family for the day.

Amanda said: “I actually live not so far from here in Swaledale, just over the dale there with my husband and nine children.

“It feels just a bit strange because I’m on my own. There’s nobody nipping at my heels, there’s nobody asking questions.

“That’s not to say that I don’t like being out and about with the family and the children, of course, that’s great.

“But, the old analogy of a dog being like its owner is true because sheepdogs can’t switch off, they just want to work, their minds are buzzing, and that’s how I feel.

“You know, so many things are coming at you from so many directions.

“A bit of headspace is good for everyone I think,” she said.

Amanda explained she was also struggling to “switch off” from her work mindset as she noticed something about the field she was walking through.

She commented: “I can’t decide whether I’m going to be able to switch off from shepherdess mode.

“But, what I’m noticing is that it’s not muddy, this is a very well-drained kind of ground. It’s just that little bit kinder.

“I think I would go home feeling a bit cheated if there was lots of green grass for the sheep to eat over in Wensleydale, but not in Swaledale,” the shepherdess remarked.

During her walk across the Dales, Amanda shared her love of the Yorkshire countryside.

She enthused: “There’s something about the hills that invigorates, inspires, and sometimes infuriates.

“It’s not an easy place to be, challenging, but I feel like it’s where I belong,” she added.

Winter Walks airs weeknights at 7:30pm on BBC Four.

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